LIVE REVIEW! Powerwolf - The Mill, Digbeth

January 29, 2019

As a unexpected winter blizzard sweeps across the heart of England, fans gather in their masses in a rather wintery Digbeth for the ultimate power metal tour. Powerwolf have brought the snow with them tonight as well as Amaranthe and fellow Germans Kissin’ Dynamite. The whole tour has the air of something great and we will soon find out if it can live up to its billing.


In a recent interview with Kissin’ Dynamite they told us they are brining no bullshit, butt kicking, explosive, stadium rock and roll back. Whilst we are not quite in a stadium tonight, it is soon apparent what they mean. Their huge sound fills the small Mill venue, raucous guitars and powerful vocals give us hints of inspiration from the Scorpions and AC/DC. The whole room is quickly singing along and pumping their fists. As mission statements go, Kissin’ Dynamite achieved it with ease.


Six piece Swedes Amaranthe feature the unique mix of three very different styled vocalist. That mix along with melodic yet ferocious guitars makes for an eclectic sound that actually works wonders. A few songs have the feel of a dance remix, electronic meets heavy metal which makes for interesting results. Elize’ melodic vocals build upon the foundation set by the gruff undertones of Henrik and Nils and through the three singers the bands sound is driven. For forty five minutes the band delivers uncompromisingly different heavy metal and the crowd love it.


The anticipation in the packed room builds as we await tonight’s headliners. The stage is dressed like a castle, the mic stage made of a broadsword and the keyboard perched in the branches of a tree. Whatever happens over the next hour and a half, everyone knows we are in for one hell of a show.


The German power metal ensemble have taken the world by storm over the past few years, their once small following blossoming into an almighty beast and selling out shows throughout Europe. The band masked in face-paint take to the darkened stage, fists held aloft as they open with ‘Fire and Forgive’. 


The third incredibly powerful vocal performance of the evening follows. Attila’s mesmeric appearance and stunning voice capture the audience’s attention. The Greywolf brothers on guitars put on a fabulous display of fretboard wizardry through ‘Demons Are a Girls Best Friend’ and ‘Blessed and Possessed’ and the hole left by the lack of a bass in the live arena is filled wonderfully by the keyboards of Falk.


The song writing melded with the awe inspiring live performance is enough to take your breath away, often brutal lyrics delivered with power and aggression to perfection. ‘Sanctified With Dynamite’ and ‘Werewolves of Armenia’ rounding out a stunning evening at a sold out venue. Powerwolf are long for this world and we will catch them again this summer at Bloodstock!

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