LIVE REVIEW! European Apocalypse 2018 - The Roundhouse, London

December 17, 2018

The European Apocalypse tour has been steaming rolling through your town as of late and we were there to experience the carnage this week in London, the last date of the tour. Armed with a killer lineup of bands, the tour did not dissapoint and only reaffirmed our faith in mixed genre lineups.


Bloodbath open with very little time to waste and what a treat for those entering what is supposed to be a sold out Roundhouse tonight. Sure, Mr Akerfeldt himself may not be here with the band (much to the dismay of a couple of fans screaming his name) but to be honest, many others, including the headbangers of the front row, flailing hair and more, do not seem to mind who is delivering their dose of death metal tonight in what seems to be a celebration of genres within the extreme music spectrum. Of course, the room really does come alive for the final song ‘Eaten’ further providing evidence that this may indeed be the only song Bloodbath fans know. 


To some, Hatebreed may look like the odd ones out on the bill but make no mistake, if theres one thing this band knows how to do, its winning over rooms full of people. They do it better than any band out there and tonight is no exception. By the time Hatebreed hit their final note, they’ve had the whole room eating out of the palm of their hand. In what is a short but very sweet set full of all of your favourite Hatebreed songs, the band steam ahead at 100mph only stopping to inform everyone of their 25th anniversary show thats coming to shores next summer. After tonight, we’re all keeping our eyes peeled for that one. 


Dimmu Borgir are quite the spectacle tonight and they have brought with them plenty of lights, smoke and upside down crosses. At this point of the show we have witnessed a set worthy of its own headline position on the bill. Its big and boisterous on stage as much as the fans are off of it. A performance as big as any festival set you may have witnessed from the Black Metal veterans and the energy and atmosphere packed into the Roundhouse tonight is something quite spectacular. Love them or hate them, their stage show is special and as entertaining as it gets tonight. 


Kreator certainly didn’t do themselves any favours having brought some serious firepower with them on this tour. All bands putting on incredible shows made anticipation high. How on earth would Kreator keep the momentum going after. As it turns out the band came locked and loaded with fire and confetti in what can be considered one of the most pummelling live thrash attacks that only Kreator know how to pull off.  We never doubted them for a minute. Having learned that the band were indeed filming tonight for a new DVD, Kreator certainly pulled off a show worthy of being added to your collection for this was one you did not want to miss. With an extravagant light set up and plenty of fire, only the best songs were pulled out from the catalogue. Kreator once more proving that there are none better in the thrash metal scene. Heavy is the head that wears the crown, but Kreator remain standing tall with their crown still waiting for someone to take it from them. 














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