INTERVIEW! "You know it might hurt but you enjoy it and you'll keep going back for more". A sit down with Shaking Corpses

December 10, 2018


 You’ve never heard of Shaking Corpses? We are not surprised, they are the new kids on the block, three like-minded musicians from other bands who have formed a “supergroup” of sorts. On Friday 14th December they have their first single coming out, a Christmas ditty just in time for the Yuletide celebrations.

We sat down with the trio to find out some more about the project and what their plans for the future are. So first off, please introduce yourselves, who are Shaking Corpses?


Shaking Corpses: We are a trio inspired by rock and roll and horror. Topher O'Meagher on vocals and guitar. Cici Powell on bass. Magic Dave on drums. How did the three of you come together?


Topher: When I had the idea of Shaking Corpses, I knew I wanted the other members to be charismatic on stage and who could inject their own personality into the songs. I've been a fan of Dave's music for a long time and when he showed interest in the idea I snapped him up immediately, it was a no brainer! I met Cici around on the music scene and I think we both saw similarities in our playing and performance and knew we should be doing something together. She stood in for a show with The Face of Ruin who I also play with and she was so good, it was a done deal on who I wanted in Shaking Corpses! 


Magic: Topher put up an advert looking for a drummer with a list of styles the songs are like. It sounded interesting so I commented. Within 5 mins he sent me the demos. I listened to them the next morning and really liked what I was listening to and I told him I'd like to be involved. We booked a rehearsal and it sounded great.



Cici: I first met Topher a few years ago, we played the same shows quite often in our previous bands. I always found his playing and performance captivating, so when he asked me if I’d like to join Shaking Corpses on bass I immediately said yes! I met Dave at our first rehearsal, and we all gelled instantly, playing wise and socially! You released video demo of 'She Moans' a few weeks ago. I could hear a Misfits inspiration in there, but it's still a very different sound, there are other elements involved too. How would you describe your sound to a new listener?


Topher: When some couples tie each other up or blindfold each other, or are a bit BDSM... We're like the musical equivalent. You know it's naughty. You know it might hurt. But you enjoy it and you'll keep going back for more.


The musical influences are from quite a varied range, but all lie in the rock and roll casket. We all like energetic music we can perform to and don't mind not taking ourselves very seriously on stage, so a lot of the songs are for that purpose. But we aren't afraid to take things down a notch and give slower movements in the performance. One of the purposes for Shaking Corpses was to feel freedom in writing, the songs will all be quite dark, lyrically, but don't expect us to put all our spades in one grave as the project moves forward. Your first release, which is a Christmas single, is out on December 14th. What can we expect from it? 


Topher: Ahh the Christmas song. It's a joyous, feel good belter of a track. It's about using a woman's body as Christmas decorations, you know, because you love every single part of her so damn much. It's upbeat, cheesy and the video is as cheap and cheerful as they get. It's Christmas, no "bah humbug" in this band.


Cici: Lots of Shaking Corpses style Christmas cheer, with a generous helping of festive fear. Merry Corpsemas! Topher you were writing a lot before the others joined the band. Are you the pure creative mind behind this band or is this moving into a real team effort?


Topher: I put the project together and wrote the initial songs to present to the others. But I don't think it'll be a solo effort for much longer. I have a vision for what the project could be, and that heavily involves this being a joint effort in writing and performance. 



Cici: I love being involved in the writing process, and I’m looking forward to adding ideas to the Shaking Corpses mix.  The three of you come from very different bands within the “metal” spectrum. How do those different outlooks feed into the Shaking Corpses ethos?


Topher: It's true that we have come from very different bands and I think what makes this band special is despite the musical difference in other projects, we loved what each other were doing and how each other were doing it, both in performance and mentality. 


Punk is one of the common links in the band with Dave and 4ft Fingers, Cici with her standing in for Sex Pissed Dolls and myself pretty much only playing and listening to punk most of my time before my last band. Everything outside of that, we can learn and feed off each other to hopefully create something a bit different and something we all love being a part of.


Magic: I think it's gunna work well. I just play how I feel and it seems to work. I've always done that with all the bands I play with. To me it's important to play the song the way you feel it rather than getting hooked up on how people think you should play it based on the genre. You’ve come up with the most intriguing image for yourselves. It certainly grabbed our attention. Where did the inspiration from it come?


Topher: We wanted something that matched the feel of the songs. Something dark but classy. A funeral theme was thrown out and we all took that our own way. I think we've each let our personalities shine through and it just so happened that we ended up matching and looking like this band. There really wasn't much discussion, it just sort of happened this way! As said earlier, although we come from different musical backgrounds, the similarities between us far outweigh the differences. 


Magic: The image thing is something I've never really bothered about, but with Shaking Corpses I felt it needed a bit more from me. The first thing that sprung to mind was to wear what I would wear to a funeral. When I told Topher that was what I was thinking, he seemed to be thinking the same thing. It was Topher's songs that inspired that.


Cici: When I first heard about the band, I instantly thought that it would be a good opportunity to come up with something completely visually different to my usual look, I wanted to create a sort of character to go along with the band. Turns out we all thought similarly, and we agreed that a funeral theme fitted the songs really well. We all put our own spin on it, and the outfits ended up complimenting each other really well! You've yet to play live. But when you do, what can the gig going public expect to be walking into? What is a Shaking Corpses show going to be like?


Topher: For the most part, dirty rock and roll that you will sing and dance to. Expect some theatrics during and between the songs. The show will be about performance and showmanship between each of us and coupled with catchy melody, we want to create something different and memorable. 

Magic: That's a tough question as we're still just getting into playing together as a band. But each of us almost have a different personality when we're on stage with our other bands, so I think it's going to be great. 


Cici: I think what Topher and Dave said sums this up perfectly!  And speaking of gigs, we can assume you'll hit the road in the New Year. What are your plans?


Topher: We won't be taking the show out anytime in the near future. We are getting back into the studio together mid-January and will be working on getting everything right. We have one show booked at this moment in time and that isn't until mid-year.


Magic: I'm hoping we can do a few shows in 2019 at some point. These songs are great to play so it would be great to play them in front of people. But, our plan is to get tight as a unit first.  And will a full album/ep release be on the cards?


Topher: Absolutely! I'm aiming for a full album. I've produced the Christmas single myself so if I have to, I'll do it with the album too.


Magic: I'm going to do what I can to make sure we get an album out in 2019.


Cici: Absolutely, we’re all really eager to get an album out in 2019! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us, we'll see you on the road next year!


Shaking Corpses Christmas single debuts on December 14th. Look out for it on your preferred music streaming service. And keep your eyes peeled for more Shaking Corpses news in 2019!

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