REVIEW! Hank Von Hell - Egomania

October 31, 2018

It wasn’t too long ago we started seeing posters for an upcoming tour. Shortly after that, a promo dropped in our inboxes entitled ‘Egomania’. The artist? Non other than Hank Von Hell!  Lets face it, fans have been waiting many may years for this. The man himself is back with his solo record he himself said would never happen. And quite frankly its ridiculously good. 


If you were too look at my own personal Last.Fm account you’d probably say two things. The first would likely be something about the fact that I am still using Last FM. The second would definitely be the sheer amount of plays of ‘Egomania’ clocked in a week. Thats right. This has been playing non stop. Its filled with anthem after anthem that proves rock and roll is far from dead. Its basically the Turbonegro album we all wanted after the departure of Hank. It only took close to ten years, but ladies and gentlemen, its here. Its actually here. With all its attitude and flair with tracks like ‘Wild Boy Blues’, the party is just getting started. Its one of those records you’re praying to the rock gods is good before hitting that play button only to find out its miles better. 

With a blink of an eye, this album is over before its started! Thats not to say its a short album. Every track is so good and flows so much that before you know it, you’re pressing the play button all over again. It all begins with the title track ‘Egomania’. You know from the early seconds that this is Hank. His sound simply oozes all over these songs. ‘Bum To Bum’, the first track to have been released to the world is a prime example of the pure rock and roll greatness that can be found within every song and its very much the announcement that the ‘bitch is back’ indeed.


Anthem after anthem. Every track holds its own ‘Blood’ will have the listener raising their devil horns and playing the air guitar until Christmas comes. Those of you listening to the song  expecting big things for the rest of the album, you can sleep well knowing you’ll get just that. 


Don't forget, Hank comes to the UK in December! Be sure to grab your tickets! 







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