LIVE REVIEW! Evil Scarecrow - The Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton

October 31, 2018

Every now and again the heavy metal world throws out a surprise, something different, something far removed from the genres “norm”. Be it good or bad, it makes people stand up and take notice; “this isn’t what we are used to”. 


One such birth from the heavy metal mixing pot is Evil Scarecrow. They’ve been round for a few years now, but if you’ve yet to cross their path let me quickly introduce you. They are on record as the finest metal band to ever write a song about a robot. Add to that their fondness for sticky back plastic and a penchant for comedy values and you have Evil Scarecrow. Or to put it simply, they are the modern-day Lawnmower Deth. Their live shows prove the ultimate in entertainment value and never fail to disappoint. Like them or not, you can’t help but have fun at a Scarecrow show.


Tonight, their UK tour hits the depths of Wolverhampton, one of a plethora of dates with the mighty Ten Foot

Wizard. The stage is cramped with a multitude of set decorations which the headliners have brought with them. In the small space that remains are four men... dressed as fruit...


Ten Foot Wizard blend bluesy licks, stoner rock grooves and a whole heap of fun. The pineapple acting as vocalist and guitarist has a voice reminiscent of Neil Fallon, strong, throaty yet full of soul. The strawberry to his left solos to perfection whilst keeping it all in check with a solid foundation are the water melon on bass and another pineapple on drums. 


Costumes aside, musically Ten Foot Wizard are magnificent, the Clutch feel runs throughout their entire set and sums them up perfectly. A fantastic way to kick off the strangest of heavy metal evenings.


Out of the darkness of the stage an igloo can be made out, visible in the shadows as Evil Scarecrow take their marks. Just one of a collection of new props that will get used tonight on the Lost in Antarctica tour. 

Skulls of our Enemies sees the start of the showmanship, and a GWAR like presence on stage as two warrior skeletons surround Brother Pain banging their drums and looking menacing as death. Similarly End Level Boss features Chun-Li (Street Fighter) and Link (Zelda) fighting on stage as the band tear seamlessly through the opening of their set.


Robototron is familiar to us all and the bands famous robot dance ripples throughout the building. Two robots burst through the igloo as the crowd are encouraged (yet fail) to start a square pit (as opposed to a square pit) egged on by Dr Hell’s words that no other town has managed this feat yet.



The band have overhauled their set including new features and new songs to keep the fans wanting more. We get a big helping of new material from the latest album, Chapter IV: Antarctica, with Red Riding Hood, Cosmos Goth Moth Gong and the Ballard of Brother Pain. But we also get the fan favourites as Crabulon has everyone shuffling side to side crab pincers in the air.


To close the show, we have another new song, one they debuted earlier in the year when we caught the band at HRH Metal. Hurricanado is the new fan participation number, Dr Hell encouraging us all to do our best windy wacky wavy man impressions along with the accompanying sound effects whilst a real 30ft wacky windy wavy man does his thing centre stage. 


Mass participation is the corner stone of the Evil Scarecrow show and tonight we got it in droves. Their shows are the ultimate in heavy metal entertainment, resulting in every single fan leaving with the biggest smile on their face and ensuring the Scarecrow will only get bigger from here.

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