LIVE REVIEW! Eradikator - O2 Academy, Birmingham

October 18, 2018

Here on The Revival we like to give coverage to the small up and coming bands just as we do with big house hold names. Everyone has to start somewhere right? And who knows we may just be covering the next big thing.

The Birmingham scene is full to brimming with a plethora of talent and Ovation Music Management have put on a show tonight that highlights five of the top unsigned bands in the area.

Opening the evening are Skull Fox; featuring a fifth member for the very first time this evening. The former quartet are the perfect opening to blow away the Saturday evening blues and get

the blood pumping. Groove laden riffs and big bass tones dominate accompanied with Jam’s gritty vocals. They feature on the bluesy rock end of the stoner/doom spectrum. With glorious guitar solos thrown in these boys are well worth a listen and for me they nearly (but not quite) stole the show from Eradikator.

Cenfora offer a completely different array of aural pleasure. Guitars that undoubtedly take inspiration from Adrian Smith’s (Iron Maiden) song writing. However, it’s the incredible voice of Katie that stands out. The melodic vocals entwine with the thoroughbred riffs to produce classic metal with a progressive edge.


Fairly new to the scene as an outfit, Se7ern feature several members from other bands familiar to us all. The four piece have a heavy, sometimes melodic sound; aggressive where they need to be but accompanying the grunge inspired vocals. Despite being relatively new they are a tight nit group and the performance shines through the haze of dry ice before us. 


Dakesis are the first of the more established acts to grace this evenings stage. The Birmingham based power metal ensemble have a growing reputation, forged by the fires of Gemma’s vocals and the enthralling guitar work of Matt. As her bright blue hair whips from side to side as the vocals entice you in, powerfully grabbing you and sucking you into their expansive world. The crowd at this point is sizeable and shows the following they have built up. This is not the last you will hear of Dakesis on the pages of our humble publication. We will no doubt be covering them again.


Tonight’s headliners Eradikator may be familiar to many of you, fresh off a performance on the second stage at Bloodstock in 2017 they headed into the studio and started recording their new album, due to hit us any time now! The Midlands thrash upstarts have developed in the years I’ve been covering them to the point they can headline the o2 Academy in their own right.


Their previous albums are incredibly well produced masterpieces, with strong hints of Megadeth and even some more raw early 80's thrash outfits. Their sound transitions well to the live arena, Liam Priest on lead guitar is awe-inspiring, as too is the beast that is Andy MacNevin on rhythm; both delivering majestic riffs and magical solos. New material melds with old and a hint of Slayer inspired tunes are seeping through the nether. As a whole the group is guided through the set by front man Patrick, on bass and vocally he commands the stage, helping the quartet produce a thirty-minute set dripping in thrash metal goodness.


The evening goes to prove that heavy metal is alive and well, not only on the big stage of the arenas but also in the clubs of our fair cities. If you are not getting down to these smaller shows you are missing out! Imaging having the opportunity to see a band like Metallica in a small venue when they were just starting out, you would bite my hand off to go back in time and witness that now! So why not get down to your local shows and see just what your scene has to offer. You might just see the next huge band before they hit the big time.

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