REVIEW! Vendetta - Laws Of Brotherhood

September 27, 2018


Vendetta UKHC have been making a noise for the past 20 years, and the recent years have been amongst their biggest yet. A major highlight being in 2016 which saw them wildcard their way through to winning a spot playing the Metal to the Masses stage on the fabled grounds of Bloodstock. With that momentum and fresh blood in the form of Tom Amos on vocals (better known for his death metal ways before this) they set some time aside to write a new album, a perfect way to celebrate 20 years. Even when at times fate was against them, they have battled through, nor more recently than guitarist Warren who overcame a nasty car crash, postponing their anniversary show. That is behind them and the fire still burns, the weekend the fruits of their labour finally get unleashed completely as they return to celebrate that 20 year show and release Laws of Brotherhood, but not before we get the luxury of a sneaky listen.


Gloomy starts the album, storms pave the way to an eerie piano and feedback with the lengthy title track, weighty on the bottom end, it hits like a sledgehammer to the gut. Vocals bark out viciously in true hardcore fashion, responded with gang vocals from the band like a war cry. It paves the way to ‘Where You Stand’, a brute force assault throttling the neck of all. ‘F.T.P’ known to those already knowing the band, tackles the subject of the abuse from police, it opens up with meaty chops that breakdown hard.


‘Den of Thieves’ has the makings of a single with some of the catchiest riffs of the album which then gets chased up with the positive message associated with hardcore music in the speed frenzy of ‘By Your Side’. ‘We’re Here’ takes a more traditional touch with a touching intro opening the doors to a fist thrower of a track, which is soon followed by more of the same with the flag bearer track ‘The Pact’, one already available to hear from the band. It is hard to get away from racism these days as it seems to become more prevalent in the world, and ‘Human’ is a big middle finger to all those that believe in incite hatred and those that push their racist ways.

The final third of the album attacks with another riff monster in ‘Salute’ with duel vocals relentlessly coming at you, trading lines through verses, it’ll make the dead move. ‘Beast’ is abrasive and unforgiving, and a perfect way to lead into another familiar track, ‘D.C.H.C.’, taking its name from our cities history in engineering, Diesel City Hardcore is the band at its finest, and an intro from a little known band of Biohazard takes away from none of this.


Written and recorded by the band themselves, all while dealing with the aftermath of a car crash really has shown how much of a brotherhood this is rather than a band, a host of guests from names known and that will soon be known, D.C.H.C is alive and well, after 20 years the results are clear at just that. Fans and friends, both still here and some that sadly are no longer with us grace the cover. It isn’t something the band should be proud of, but the city too.


Vendetta UKHC celebrate their 20 years and album release Saturday 26th October at the Met Lounge, Peterborough. On the bill are a host of other local acts all deserving of a name, The Deadites with their punk ways, Smokescreen and their stoner metal riff majesty and Morti Viventi, thrash heroes in the making. We may have little in the way of places to enjoy our bands in the area, but we are undoubtedly spoilt with raw talent. We will be there, we hope to see you there too, beers will be shared, bones no doubt broken, but it is a party not to miss.


Photo Credit: RD Photography




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