REVIEW! Behemoth - I Loved You At Your Darkest

September 26, 2018

It was 2014 that saw Behemoth do something not many bands can do so deep into a career. The Satanist proved that Behemoth were indeed kings of their craft creating what is hailed as the crowning achievement in an illustrious back catalogue of blackened death metal goodness. The words ‘The Satanist’ have become synonymous with the band and to be honest such an album deserves to be talked about for years to come. That being said, we’re not here today to talk about ‘The Satanist’. In fact, we have banned any use of the album name from this point forward.


Its 2018, and in the wake of The Satanist (ah shit!) comes the bands new offering ‘I Loved You At Your Darkest’, which, when it comes down to it, doesn’t do too much different to its revered predecessor. A tried and tested formula ensures that the Behemoth fans get exactly what they want. 


There are some pretty big moments in this album though, and its obvious from the start that Nergal & co are out to produce their biggest sounds to date. ‘Solve’ acting as our wake up call offers the listener an intro that feels as if its a preparation for war which is quite apt as we make our way through the tracks. Half way through ‘Wolves Ov Siberia’ we get our first true taste of the march towards all things unholy with thick riffs and that oh so familiar Behemoth sound we have come to know very well. 


While ‘God = Dog’ may not have been the most creative of song titles (one cant help but think of that scene in The Inbetweeners movie), the track itself, being first taste of new Behemoth material fans were treated to, feels as if the band are at its most melodic in places. In truth, its a common theme we will see crop up throughout the entirety of the album. Whilst there are moments that are very much boasting those massive Behemoth moments that will go down a treat, there are definitely some more melodic touches that can heard more frequently making this perhaps one of the more accessible album in the bands catalogue of excellence. 


‘Bartzabel’ is a track that offers plenty and delivers exceptionally as one of the albums finest. Those melodic moments are back and are as epic as ever but add the heavy verse riffs and pounding drums with the choir-esqe singing and you have yourself one beast of a song that sets the bar very high for the remainder of the album. This is a track that is surely destined to make its way into the bands live setlist. As we head toward the end of the album ’Rom 5 8’ offers much. Mid paced heaviness sure to get heads banging, plenty of speed and pace too for those who feel the urge to run around aggressively in a circle. More importantly its dark and epic feel to the song sets up for a great ending. 


Overall, ‘I Loved You At your Darkest’ can definitely lay claim to some of Behemoths greatest moments. Whilst die-hard fans may not find the most groundbreaking evolution of the band in these 12 tracks, they can at least rest easy knowing that they didn’t choke under the pressure when the world was looking to see how on earth they would follow THAT album. Its safe to say the band have succeeded and this is one the fans should be more than happy with. 


This October/November, BEHEMOTH hits the road across the USA headlining the Ecclesia Diabolica America 2018 e.v. tour, featuring special guests, At the Gates and Wolves in the Throne Room. This must-see show makes its way to Europe in January/February 2019.  

BEHEMOTH UK tour dates;

Feb. 6 - Bristol, UK - Motion
Feb. 7 - Birmingham, UK - O2 Institute
Feb. 8 - London, UK - O2 Forum Kentish Town
Feb. 9 - Manchester, UK - O2 Ritz
Feb. 10 - Dublin, Ireland - Vicar Street
Feb. 11 - Glasgow, UK - QM Union

Talking about returning to UK venues in February, Nergal comments; "Albion! It is with the utmost thrill we are announcing our triumphant return to your shores with the new music, new production and new strength! We hope to see our UK legions to join those libations and celebrate MAGICK and MUSICK with us! Hail Satan!"




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