REVIEW! Aborted - TerrorVision

September 12, 2018

Belgium is famous for many things, three that I always think of instantly (not always in this order) Is beer, such phenomenal beer! The first and second world wars, I’ve always had a fascination and interest in military history, and lastly, Aborted, because there simply isn’t anyone that seems to do what they do better! Nigh on twenty years since they came to life, how does TerrorVision fit in in the grand scheme of things? Well as good as you could expect... and then some.


With a name like TerrorVision, their leaning towards the horrors and tribulations of the world and what we see, and just as much what we don’t see through our ways of life and what we allow ourselves to see these days. The assault they bring is almost as physical as it is mentally, cutting through like a chainsaw powered by a V8 engine would a tree. Starting off with a teasing, gentle soother to get your hairs up on the back of your neck, Lasciate Ogne Speranza unlocks the flood gates for the torrential barrage we know and love with the self titled track, from that point on it is an adrenaline fuelled rush like jumping head first out of the plane, there is no slowing. Vespertine Decay and Squalor Opera are two that (just like every other track really!) bury you in intense aggression. 

One thing the gentlemen of Aborted do very well, is that despite their insane technical speed and hostile sound, they are never short of writing catchy songs, Deep Red is a stunner. Looking at their technicality, they are masters of the craft, guitarists Ian Jekelis and Mendel Bij de Leij (who just last year released a solo album well worth seeking out) are on top form, Stefano Franceschini shines brightly throughout and his skill easily matches that of the machine behind the kit that often sounds like he is more octopus than man, Ken Bedene. Obviously the main stay is the man up front. Making a noise in rapturous form and the only original member sounds just as guttural as the day Aborted began, to those less familiar of the style, Sven de Caluwe can sound manic and almost psychotic (if only they could witness their show in live form!) but he sounds just as strong and inspired as ever. The line up looking strong and sounding settled, TerrorVision is quite easily on par with both The Necrotic Manifesto and Retrogore. 


Much like the two of the three things I mentioned earlier about my love of Belgium, just like their beer, it is strong and complex, usually requiring an acquired taste, but for those with that taste, they know how good that rich flavour is, and how you always want more. TerrorVision sounds as destructive as War, absolutely decimating and something you don’t forget. It seems Aborted are still very much Aborted, and TerrorVision yet another jewel in the crown sitting upon their heads.




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