September 3, 2018

There seems to be something magical happening in Norway right now especially when it comes to extreme music. The amount of bands pushing out absolute face melters right now is off the charts and its safe to say that ATTAN are one of them with their Debut ‘End Of.’ that is released September 7th through the wonderful folks at Fysisk Format. 


Absolute exhaustion is one way to describe the feeling after your first listen of ‘End Of.’ There is an overwhelming sense of urgency in every track that takes the listener through a speedy blackened hardcore assault that will make you feel like you’ve just run a triathlon but instead of running, its continuous hammers to the face and instead of swimming or cycling, its even more continuous hammers to he face. ‘The Burning Bush Will Not Be Televised Here’, A track which has recently been released to the masses is a prime example of the band setting the scene early on. A whirlwind of guitars and drums that sound as if they are taking an insane amount of punishment. As the record proceed, theres a  real venom in its sound. If Michael Douglas in Falling Down had any noises in his head, these songs were likely to be them. Absolute carnage. 

Be assured though, there are moments during ‘End Of.’ that are not speeding by at 100mph. Midway through ‘Black Liquid Marrow’ we are treated to moments of sludgy heaviness that, is dark and broody and whilst may provide a change of pace for a short moment, works well. Its something the title track itself adopts also to close what is a very strong debut indeed, one that sets itself apart from the many other debuts doing the same thing.  


ATTAN are a band we will all need to keep a very close eye on because ‘End Of.’ feels like its just the beginning of a journey that will take us all down a very sonically pleasing road. If this is them at the beginning then god only knows whats heading our way. Head to your shelters, barricade your doors and windows, there is a storm coming and its name is ATTAN. 






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