REVIEW! Pig Destroyer – Head Cage

August 31, 2018

What’s that I find in my inbox in a semi-drunk/semi-hungover hazy eyed mood? New Pig Destroyer?! Well if ever there is a cure for this nasty feeling, aggressive grindcore is most surely the answer! Who else can really deliver the goods like the mighty Pig Destroyer too! Sign me up!


“We will not be held responsible for any hearing impairments or damage caused to you from excessive exposure to this sound” gently begins the warning over the calming background television styled music. If ever a band needed a warning, these are it. What follows can only be described as a murky pit of hell drawing you into its tar like waters. A fitting lead into ‘Dark Train’,  drum heavy, and just the monster to rid the demons inside. Army of Cops leads the way into ‘Circle River’, two freight train beasts, well structured and not actually as grind or extreme as expected, ‘The Torture Fields’ slows and grows with intent before ‘Terminal Itch’ destroys you.

‘Concrete Beast’ hilts itself on an odd time signature, clearly never afraid to mix things up, its moments of brutality mixed with this musicianship that have crafted Pig Destroyer into the fabled masters they are. The two constant members in J. R. Hayes and Scott Hull haven’t ran dry with the creative approach and with that, they sound pure and like a new band with each release, those new to grindcore would probably not realise this pair have been doing this since the later part of the 90’s. John Jarvis finally makes his studio album debut with the band and his talent is clear, the bands first bassist, ‘The Last Song’ showing just how dirty his playing can be, and forever proving his worth from start to finish is his cousin, drummer Adam Jarvis, an astonishing talent behind the kit. As a unit they create an opus in the goliath closer ‘House of Snakes’, the time signatures and playing will have the ability to through the lesser intent off, but for the less vigilant, the risk is worth the reward when things really get going round 3 minutes in, grind isn’t all about short minute long songs at the speed of a bullet as this proves to the highest of standards, and the riff that picks up at six minutes to close the song off, just fuck!!


Half hour goes by in a flash, but that is soon gives you time to catch your breath before taking another round. The roller coaster ride is rife with dangers, it is just like the tongue in cheek warning at the beginning, it is sensible, but it just gets you excited. It’s like playing Russian roulette with sex, one person out of the six is full of STD’s, you don’t know which...but you’re still going to get laid, so you play anyway.






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