LIVE REVIEW! Bloodstock Festival - New Blood Special

The New Blood Stage at Bloodstock Festival highlights the best up and coming talent in the music industry. Through the Bloodstock Metal 2 The Masses programme bands compete throughout the year to win a place on this stage. Winning such an opportunity is a major coup for any aspiring artist, it puts them out there in front of 18,000 people with the potential to grow their follow exponentially. Managed correctly, a band can use this as a spring board to greater things, and many have done just that in the past.


This years crop of New Blood talent was possibly the best yet and as a result The Revival spent a lot of time at this stage taking them all in. Far too many to cover in just one single article, so we bring you the highlights, the ones to watch, those that grabbed our attention and left us with a lasting memory of their time on stage.


Opening the stage on Friday morning were Turbyne. Despite the early stage time a sizable crowd greets the Scotish six-piece delivering their own brand of heavy, progressive music. The dual vocals of Keith and Gary fighting for supremacy centre stage, but the outright instrumental segments win the day, glorious keyboards mixing with heavy guitars for a magical half an hour.



Coventry three piece Pelugion are showing just why they won their area final of the Metal 2 The Masses competition to win their spot at the festival. Infectious riffs draw you in along with inspiring vocals to give you that warm feeling inside – we are seeing the early stages of a band that will go far. I look forward to them crossing The Revivals path again soon.


Another Scottish band, A Ritual Spirit, are showing fans what they are about. Heavy rock with added bluesy, groove laden licks provide a welcome break from the extreme sounds elsewhere on site, these boys blow the roof off the tent with their balls to the wall rock and roll outlook.


Sertraline provide a twist in the line up. Ferocious riffs and a throbbing bass line are pierced by the sharp clean vocals of Lizzie, making the band a breath of fresh air from the gruff grunts and growls we've been listening to so far today.  Whilst later on Seven Hells, Leicesters Metal 2 The Masses winners, provide grove laden riffs of absurd aggression. A packed tent sings along, circle pits open and the band themselves provide more entertainment than the tent has seen all day. A wall of sound blasts out from on stage as hardcore meets metal in a meld of gut wrenching perfection.


The final band we see on the Friday of the festival are south coast beasts, King Bison. Featuring monstrous heavy riffs they make the stage their own. Karlo's southern fried vocals the perfect accompaniment to the churning heavy guitars and catchy riffs. If you like your music heavier with a hint of Down and latter day Phil Anselmo then these lads are for you. No frills aggression at its finest.


Saturday brings with it darkening skies outside and hints of rain, but alas inside the tent the sun continues to shine with another batch of up and coming bands ready to slaughter the New Blood stage.


The Brood open up proceedings on day two with their own brand of extreme aggression. The Londoners produce a barrage of grind mixed with hardcore that will quickly shake the hangover of those awake early enough to have ventured into this stage. Brutality is the name of the game as The Brood destroy all before them in a blood lusting 30 minute set.


For a band formed at the end of last year and who only played their first gig in March of this year, Ashborn put on a stunning performance. Thrashy guitars rule the roost in the band ebbing with energy and enthusiasm. The fans lap it up  and the lads walk away full of pride and a groundswell of new fans.


As the day draws on Yorkshire men Valafar deliver a heavy dose of death metal into the New Blood mix. Having already built up a sizable following the tent it packed to the rafters as they come on stage. Heavy doom infused guitars and Wayne's guttural vocals drive them forward whilst Nige's bass is enough to make even the strongest mans bowels quiver in excitement.


To close our highlights of day two in the New Blood stage we have Oslo's Psychotype. It doesn't take much to work out the bands inspiration, eerie stage lighting and dark figures adorned with masks prove the Slipknot influence is strong. Its hard to pigeon hole such a band and nor would I want to, the bands unique sound pushes boundaries, crosses styles and mixes the unmixable. All of which results in a show not to be missed; sound, vision, aggression, mysticism and intrigue is a great lead in for tonight's headliners on the

main stage, Gojira.


The final day of the festival produces further stand out acts on the New Blood stage, from all around the UK and further beyond they come to play and hopefully win over a new audience with this showcase opportunity.


Imminent Annihilation are the first band to stand out to us today. With face melting riffs their angst and aggression is delivered from the outset. Haunting vocals and a bass line that will crush your very soul. These lads deliver a crushing performance for so early on a Sunday morning.


For fans of the really heavy stuff, Barbarian Hermit are here to fulfill your every need. Brutalising bass line that reverberate around the tent leave many motionless bar the steady bang of a head. Riff after riff draws you into their doomy sludge sound a sure winner for fans of such dark material.


The Revivals final standout for the Sunday is Skybrudd, another Norweigan act gracing this stage over the weekend. Their take on the doomy sludge sound is different, adding elements of progressive music into the mix. The sound draws you in, sucking your being through their tales of the dark malevolence. A masterpiece in musicianship and performance leaves us agog and wanting more.


Over three days the best part of forty bands have graced the hallowed New Blood stage during the festival. Sadly, as past festivals have proven, many will fall by the wayside not building on the platform they have been given. But those who grasp this opportunity and run with it will go far, amassing a following  and progressing their careers towards every growing glory. We here at The Revival wish them all well and know our paths will cross again very soon.




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