PREVIEW! Rebellion Festival 2018 Returns To Brighton For A Weekend Of punk Rock Madness!

July 24, 2018

As the summer months continue to unforgivingly roll by, the festival season continues at a pace that makes us all a little depressed. It will soon be the darker months. The sunshine will disappear and the festivals will be done once more for another year. That being said, we’re not quite done just yet! As festival goers clutch on to the last remaining weeks of the summer, Rebellion Festival rears its beautiful head for what is surely the greatest punk festival on the planet. 


Taking place at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool between August 2nd and 5th this years festival will offer over 300 bands across six stages giving most a huge bang for their buck. The highlight this year for many will be the appearances of John Lydon who will be performing with his band Public Image Limited as Sundays headliner on the main stage and will also be interviewed on stage in the Opera House on the same day. Anyone who has ever heard Mr Lydon speak will know that that will be an interesting and funny interview.

The festival will also bring some of the greatest punk bands from the last 40 years to the event. Whilst the majority of us are expecting and looking forward to some amazing sets from the likes of the Buzzcocks, Exploited, UK Subs, Cockney Rejects, Angelic Upstarts, Ruts DC and many more. theres also much anticipation for what is a rare UK show from Californian ska punkers Voodoo Glow Skulls as well as some more mask’n’bass chaos from Evil Blizzard.


Theres a wealth of talent on this years Introducing Stage. One of’s top choices we’re excited to see includes some fun bagpipe punk from The Babes as well as some some electronic mayhem from Pretty Addicted.


Rebellion Festival has once more exceeded expectations with a lineup that encapsulates all that is punk rock. Last year the festival brought the likes of The Buzzcocks, The Skids & Bad Religion. But its not all about just the bands. The festival itself is a testament to the punk rock culture and this annual get together acts as a home away from home for those punk rock folk who live it. 


The festival also continues with the little things that keep the punters happy. Since 2010 everyone that buys a ticket to the festival has received a free full colour A4 programme. This has grown in size and 2014s edition was a whopping 84 pages long! Packed with interviews, reviews, articles and adverts from the key people in the punk rock scene scene, the programmes have become sought after souvenirs so be sure to get your ticket and grab your copy on Day 1!



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