LIVE REVIEW! Meltdown Festival 2018 Presents: MaybeSheWill - Queen Elizabeth Hall, London

July 4, 2018

In all fairness, It wasn’t that long ago we were venturing to a cold and wet London one April evening, to see the farewell show of MaybeSheWill. Selling out the mighty London Koko for what was a celebration of an 11-year march to the top. A career that had seen them play their art across the globe to many people, beginning with their local shows in small pubs around Leicester back where it all began. It was  hard to imagine all those years ago that the band would be at the point they were, pulling in numbers of die hards willing to stand in the pouring rain for a last glimpse of their favourite. It’s even harder to believe that they called it a day now just when it feels like they are on the cusp of something big.


Bands usually have long periods of time before what is usually an inevitable “comeback”. Theres a few differences here however. The band seem to be very much over and this doesn’t seem to be a comeback show at all. MaybeSheWill’s Meltdown Festival appearance was simply an invitation to the band from a legend non other than Robert Smith that was hard to turn down. Lets face it, if the frontman of The Cure invites you to play his festival, you probably wouldn’t decline such an offer either. 


Theres a tongue in cheek opening before the band play a single note and its, much to the smiles of most in the room, Thin Lizzy’s ‘The Boys Are Back In Town’ acting as some intro music before the band shifts into gear into ta setlist that isn’t too far different from he one they played back at the Koko with the biggest difference being the inclusion of some added instruments to the mix. The band have brought with them some extra members adding strings to the mix and it absolutely works in every way possible. MaybeSheWill just got bigger for the additions make the band sound big in all the right places and its quite simply a wonderful experience. 


The setlist has everything you expect for a grand finale: ‘Opening’, ‘Take This To Heart’ & ‘Co-Conspirators’ are a worthy start to a 15-song setlist and has us engaged from the first note. Something special is happening at this point

so early on. The passion, the energy and the emotion is being left on the stage and the band are not holding back. Later on in the set, songs such as ‘In Amber’, ‘In the Blind’ & ‘To The Skies From A Hillside’ are epic and the crowd lets them know this.


The big ending comes in the way most maybeSheWill fan has learned to accept but have failed to get tired of because in all honesty its hard to. ‘Not For Want Of Trying’, ‘Seraphim & Cherubim’ & ‘He Films The Clouds Pt.2’, are the three to end the set as expected but if one thing is absolutely certain, its that these songs have never sounded better. Its a truly exceptional experience and one that is hard to fathom unless witnessed. 


Its an absolute tragedy to music that this band now goes away once more, and with baited breath we will wait for that one chance to maybe see them again in the future. 


Article Header Photo Credit: Vic Frankowski

Article Body Photo Credit: Jay Russell




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