REVIEW! Birds In Row - We Already Lost The World

June 26, 2018

Its chaotic, its face melting and its darn right beautiful in its own melancholic sort of way. Birds In Row are sounding completely and utterly pissed off with things in their latest record ‘We Already Lost The World’ had you not already guessed from the title.  Its nine tracks of gritty hardcore that, lyrically is more negative than anything else and it all starts off in a big way with the opener ‘We Count So We Don’t Have To Listen’, its a monstrous statement of intent which becomes a familiar feel as things fly by all too quick. 


There are plenty of hooks for those who want them. Theres an interesting bluesy feel to some parts within these songs but ultimately the biggest wins throughout are those emotion fuelled moments that will have you nodding your head in approval. Its heavy without trying to be heavy and thats what Birds In Row are great at. The latter half of ‘Love Is Political’ is a perfect showcase for this. 


Don’t be fooled, there are some great moments here that are a little less turbulent. ’15-30’ and its cult like delivery of “We already lost the world” is testament to this and whilst still boasting some serious screams and noisy guitars, everything in between feels like it could have easily taken influence from the likes of Baroness. Birds In Row have put everyone on notice and you should all be listening. This is without a doubt sounding like the band have something to say and they are doing it in a way that sounds colossal. 

Things end in a bigger way than when they started, which is saying something. ‘Fossils’. is huge in every way.  Its a whirlwind open to interpretation. Horrific if you want it to be with something that sounds as if it came straight from the devil himself, or an emotion filled piece of music with darker undertones that feel like a cry for help. Whatever the intention here, with this song or the record as a whole, Birds In Row just produced some of their best material to date, and its wonderful in every way. 


Do not let this one pass you by!


‘We Already Lost The World’ is released on July 13th through Deathwish.





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