LIVE REVIEW! Stone Sour - The Roundhouse, London

June 21, 2018

There nothing better than stepping into a nicely air conditioned venue on a warm sticky summers day prior to the fans swarming their way to the barrier for that all important view of tonights show. Whilst The Roundhouse maybe adequately chilled, it doesn’t take long for the sold out Monday night crowd to warm the place up to the point where it may actually be cooler outside. Its not a stacked bill of bands, it doesn’t need to be. Those who grace us with their presence on stage tonight do a stellar job at entertaining us and it all begins with Nothing More. 


We’re not going to lie, This was a new one for us. A band we had continuously heard plenty about but never having

caught live so you can imagine our excitement and the buzz in the air when taking a look at the weird and wonderful contraptions on stage that the band do a good job of utilising throughout their performance. Weird items to mount a bass guitar on enabling all members to bash away at the instrument as well as Slipknot-esque steel gratings that house drums to be repeatedly pounded are all interesting things to watch whilst the band make their way through their setlist of music which is, OK if a little disjointed at times. Regardless, the fans are impressed and the dedication to the performance are worth the applause.


Theres been very little time between the last time Stone Sour visited us in the UK only having embarked on their last UK tour back in December but the fans are not complaining as they return once more this time selling out The Roundhouse. Its safe to say that this is without a doubt the best version of Stone Sour we are seeing to date. A short introduction of Otis Redding’s  ‘I Cant Turn You Lose’ as the band takes to the stage. It is all it takes for the electricity to rise in the room as the band kick things right into gear with ‘Whiplash Pants’ & ‘Absolute Zero’. Sparkling pyrotechnics and continuous bottles of water being thrown about by Cory Taylor himself only spur the crowd on more as they erupt into a frenzy. Things are seemingly feeling like they’re running at 100mph before Taylor gives us our first taste of the Stone Sour of old and a moment for fans to take a breather as ‘Bother’ is performed and subsequently met with a round of applause once concluded. 


In truth theres not much of the older stuff in the setlist tonight with ‘Cold Reader’ and ‘Get Inside’ making an appearance but then, this is a very different Stone Sour to the one that put out their first record and judging by the reaction in the room, its one the fans like a lot. The evolution of the band has resulted in songs such as ‘Song #3’, ‘Through Glass’ both eliciting a big response and both sounding huge live to the big ending of ‘Fabuless’ that closes the show in an even bigger way with the pyrotechnics making a return only to this time be partnered with an abundance of wacky waving inflatable tube men. Its definitely not a bad way to spend a Monday night. In fact, the rest of the week may as well give up now. 


Check out the below gallery of Stone Sour live at The Roundhouse














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