REVIEW! Yob - Our Raw Heart

June 13, 2018

If pure, unadulterated cosmic doom floats your boat then the next few paragraphs are going to give you that warm fuzzy feeling that makes you just a little bit moist. If you've never come across YOB before, where have you been? 


In all seriousness, you may not have heard of Yob before, the Oregon based trio whilst being music to my ears are not what you would call popular music. Throbbing baselines and an overall heavy as hell sound define these three musicians perfectly.


The fact that I am writing this at all is a minor miracle, just last year front man Scheidt had been battling diverticulitis, a disease I won’t go into detail of here, following procedures for this he contracted MRSA which nearly killed him.


Battling through for six months on his sick bed he started writing what would become Our Raw Heart. His outlook on life may have changed through his experiences, but the feel of this Yob alum retains much of the bands previous work. The growing experiences developing on what they had produced before and expanding further.


Ablaze sets the scene for the whole recording, a ten-minute behemoth of a song lighting the initial fire to draw you in, heavy doom laden riffs and bass throbbing for an age before any hint of vocal accompaniment.

Beauty in Falling Leaves a touching sixteen-minute epic highlighting Scheidts talents, raw emotion flows from the vocals, but they just build upon the solid foundation of Rieseberg’s bass and Fosters drum track. The bedrock of the band from which Scheidt structures his monolith.


The album consists of just seven tracks, but lasts well over an hour, if you’re looking for three minute radio friendly pick me up’s you’ve come to the wrong place. However, if meaningful, dense doom is your bag then the album is one of the best produced. 


Rounded out by fourteen minutes of the album’s title track, you get a view on Scheidts’ psyche, the journey he has gone through these past two years and how he and the band as a whole have developed. 


The album is undoubtedly a success for any doom fan, alongside Sleep’s Holy Mountain as an instant doom classic that puts this trio up on a pedestal with their contemporaries. Yob have come a long way and had one hell of a journey, the pinnacle of which sees a triumphant release of Our Raw Heart.





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