REVIEW! MCM Comic Con 2018 - ExCel, London

June 8, 2018

MCM Comic con is without a doubt one of the best events of the year for those who love all things pop culture. Don’t be fooled, whilst the name may indicate this is a convention aimed at comic book connoisseurs, it is so much more than that. 


It all started in 2002 when the convention first opened its doors offering something for every collector, cosplayer, comic book fan, film buff, misfit or anyone who ever felt as if they didn’t belong in some way shape or form. The group of fans falling within these categories ended up finding a home away from home as the MCM Expo became bigger and better with every year that passed. It quickly became the place to be for all things Movies, Comics & Media (MCM!) Further expanding into other locations. 


Twice a year the event comes to London to take over the ExCel centre for three packed days. And there really is something for everyone.  With each and every visit we find entrance into the event easier and easier. Getting hundreds of thousands of people through the doors of any venue is no easy feat and yet MCM seem to have it down. Upon what is a seamless process to get inside, you are immediately greeted with a sense of community that you’d simply not find anywhere else. Cosplayers, fill the venue with their incredible creativity, shoppers with their soon to be deflated wallets swarm the hundreds and hundreds of different stalls to find that collectable Pokemon card they have been waiting to get, that Walking Dead action figure they need to complete their collection or the many available back issues of their favourite comic book. And thats just scratching the surface. 


It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t talk about some of the most wonderful things MCM had to offer this year So here is’s favourite things about MCM Comic Con 2018. 


Funko Pop Madness

If you had been living under a rock all this time and were clueless as to just how many Funko Pop figures there actually are, MCM this year was a great representation of just how Funko mad we all are. As usual, the Funko stall continued to prove more popular than ever (even if it was just to get a photo with the Giant figurine at the front) offering collectors the chance to bag some convention exclusives but if they didn’t tickle your fancy, one of the many wall of pops found on most stalls were sure to do it. From one of our favourite retailers A Place In Space to Magic Madhouse to many many more. Chances are if you didn’t find what you were looking for on one stall, you almost certainly found it on another. Trust us, we speak from experience as we stare at our complete set of 25th Anniversary Jurassic park figures much to the dismay of our bank account. 


Comics Galore

In the grand scheme of things, when you take into consideration just how much there is at MCM, Comic books make up a very small portion of the fun. That being said, the industry was, as usual well represented with many retailers bringing their inventory of back issues, CGC graded books and much more for you to buy. The great thing we found with many of the lovely folks on the stalls is that they were just great to talk to full stop. So if you did so happen to blow all of your cash on the Funko pops, a great chat with the lovely guys at Incognito Comics about your favourite Amazing Spiderman moment, or what the heck is going on in Oblivion Song would likely be a highlight of the day. 


Cosplay & The Curious Case Of Uncle Ben

If theres one thing MCM has over any other convention, its the abundance of cosplayers. This year was no different. Video games, music, films, comics and Anime characters all well represented across the board. The honourable mention however needs to go to the chap dressed as Spiderman in an giant uncle bens rice pack. It had us chuckling to ourselves on many occasions. Just heck out some of the amazing cosplay from this year…















Images by Paul Boyling

All Things Anime/Japan

This year, the PopAsia section of MCM was bigger and better than ever. Its one big wet dream for those who are fans of all things Anime, Japanese imported goods and much much more and even if you were not a fan, your inner weeb shall be unleashed within minutes of venturing into this area. If for some reason this wasn’t your cup of tea, there were plenty of opportunity to check out the accompanying food court which was sure to make you hungry as soon as you entered the vicinity. Tasty oriental treats, noodles galore and some wonderful mexican. All mouth wateringly good if you could afford to remortgage your house though. 


All Things Video Games

MCM is a paradise when it comes to gaming. With a whole section dedicated to video games where one can participate in game competitions, try out demos and buy those sought after rare copies of…well…whatever you want really. With plenty of screens, consoles and traders ready for you to experience, the most dedicated of video games connoisseurs could easily spend a day just in this section. The real treat however comes from the smaller traders around the event however.  If ever there were a place to find a fully boxed mint condition SEGA megadrive, it would be here. If you were a ninetendo guy then perhaps the fully boxed mint condition Street fighter 2 SNES might tickle your pickle along with that original game boy. Retro and rare are all well represented at this convention so much that blowing your whole months pay is a real possibility and a scary one at that. The only bad thing about this is that you’d want it all!

 Overall MCM comic con 2018 proved why this popular convention continues to be one that all other conventions measure against. Whilst there are plenty of televisions stars to meet and greet, the strength of MCM is really in both its community feeling and its ability to scratch the itch of those wanting to part with their cash for incredible collectables. From the sheer variety of things to do and see to the well oiled machine that is the MCM event management team responsible for such a slick experience, we simply cannot wait to return in October. 


Be sure to check out this 2018 post event video:



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