REVIEW! Burn The Priest – Legion XX

May 17, 2018

Before Lamb of God there was Burn The Priest. Twenty years later, Burn The Priest has returned with the ten-track covers album entitled ‘Legion XX’. But why a covers album I hear you ask? Why have Burn The Priest stepped outside the confines of the realm of the metal genre to which they had firmly and comfortably placed themselves? Reportedly [and before I type a single word more I have to say that I absolutely adore this idea and concept to the point of salivation and that weird feeling James May gets down below] the songs that have been covered are those that influenced the band members growing up and inspired them to write and perform their own music. 


I’m certain many of us have, at one time or another, tried to contemplate what our favourite musicians influences were [and still are for that matter] especially if they inspire us and that information is not always readily available, let alone hearing those musicians that influence you play the songs that influenced them. There’s something deliciously humble about creating an album filled with homages. Each track name includes the original artists name. Legion XX just keeps on giving as it tracks through the punk, hardcore and noise genres. There is a tangible, nay, palpable passion blasting out of my speakers; you can feel the levels of love that were used to create every song. 


Make no mistake this is no gimmick. This is a highly polished, wax-on, wax-off‘d album, fantastically produced with heaps of explosive energy. Tracks one through ten range from The Accused, Bad Brains through to another Richmond, Virginia band – Sliang Loas with the LP having the cheek to turn things up a notch with an additional eleventh track originally performed by Helmet. 


Legion XX is expected to be released on May 18th this year before Lamb Of God grace our shores later this November as part of a tour that needs no introduction but I shall all the same; Slayer’s monumental farewell tour. 




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