LIVE REVIEW! Planet Of Zeus & Lionize - The Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton

May 14, 2018

It’s been a while since The Revival crew hit Wolverhampton and the notorious Slade Rooms venue for a gig. Hence the Planet of Zeus and Lionize tour gives us the perfect excuse to return to the land that gave us Noddy Holder and Lenny Henry.


As the fans trickle into this wonderful house of musical exuberance the atmosphere grows. The bands mingle with their adoring masses pre-gig in a fantastic show of fan appreciation. Such a gesture I find always goes a long way these days.


With the scene set, the lights lower to a dark but pale green as Lionize take to the stage. The Maryland based rockers are always a sight to behold with Nate adorned in a sequinned purple jump suit.


Opening with Face of Mars, Nate’s guitar sound jumps out through the green haze. Bluesy in feel but with an edge of funk. The band feature keyboard heavily, something not often seen since the 70’s and it gives the band an added dimension.


Darkest Timeline pops with the keyboard line and backing vocals from Chris Brooks. It can’t be emphasised enough just how much his performance adds to the bands sound. 


From melodic rock through to raucous blues the band delivers it all with aplomb. Some may find their sound an acquired taste, but here in Wolverhampton tonight its vitality and variety which stands the band head and shoulder above the rest of the scene.


Planet of Zeus are one of the biggest heavy metal exports Greece has had, and their draw tonight is obvious with the room full. The wolf pack of Wolverhampton are loyal to the Zeus and in return they are loyal to their black country fans. 


Since I first saw them I have always described them as the Greek answer to Orange Goblin and tonight they live up to that billing. The vocals of Babis are joyously rough and ready with a gritty edge, in perfect keeping with the dirty bass lines of Giannis. Song after song is dripping in blues licks and heavy roots. Musicianship par excellence. Pure out and out heavy rock and roll.


Their music has a groove, it makes you want to dance, bang your head and lose yourself in the moment. Little Deceiver’s melodies mixed with stoner rock goodness of Your Love Makes Me Wanna Hurt Myself.


The band put on an hour and a half show of the ultimate in a good rock and roll night out. They do not get the credit they deserve; this band are where it’s at and if you get the chance they are ones not to be missed!



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