LIVE REVIEW! Trivium - O2 Academy, Birmingham

April 22, 2018

Once or twice in every generation there comes a tour that will go down in history, a tour full of influential bands, bands that are going to be megastars, and a tour that in twenty years time you are still going to be talking about... "remember when all these great acts toured together".


Back in 1990, Clash of the Titans hit us with Slayer, Megadeth, Testament, and Suicidal Tendencies, a mouth-watering extravaganza that had every metal head at the time drooling and a show oft talked about today. Then followed the Gods of Grind tour, more extreme but no less legendary with Carcass, Entombed, Cathedral and Confessor. Both of which have gained legendary stature over the intervening years. Those who missed out bow their heads in shame or claim they were there, even when they weren't.


Many a year has since passed and no one has had the outright balls to put together such a historic full-on tour. A whole generation has missed out on such legendary shows that will never be forgotten.


That is until now!


Trivium have stepped up to the plate, and have booked the most daring, most aggressive, and most ground breaking tour the planet has seen for a long time. Finally, the current generation of fans gets a show in their home towns that will never be forgotten.


And what a line up they have put together. Venom Prison, the youngest band on the bill but the ones destined to have the biggest career, are the UK's freshest death metal act. Add to that Power Trip, the most ground breaking thrash metal act since the Big Four and for the last eighteen months have taking the world by storm. Then add Code Orange to the mix, upstarts of the hardcore scene and another band on a rapid trajectory to superstardom. All topped off nicely with the now well established Trivium, who've put this bill together themselves. Massive kudos to the whole band for stepping up and delivering just what the fans deserve.


With an incredibly early start for a school night, the academy opens its doors to throngs of fans waiting in anticipation for Venom Prison. Touted as the next big thing on the death metal scene, they do not fail to deliver in the exhilarating thirty-minute set. Larissa Stupar’s haunting vocals echo around the venue as riff after riff brutalise us. A wonderful set and yet more proof, if any is needed, that this is the future of the scene.


The second of tonight's upstarts tear into the stage just ten minutes later. Texans Power Trip being a whole heap of attitude and Jeff Hanneman inspired guitar licks to the table. This is thrash metal at its 80's finest delivered by the new generation. Setting a fast and furious pace throughout they don't slow down for a minute. Front man Gale bounces around the stage as the guitars dual for supremacy. For the thrash fans in the room this is heaven.


Code Orange are more established than the previous two bands and last year saw them burst into the mainstream with the release of Forever. The hardcore stallions bring an energy to the table unlike any other, the first act of bassist Joe Goldman was to dive into the crowd before a note had even been struck. The trio of vocals from drummer and guitarists alike mixes up the status quo and gives them a distinct edge. A manic stage presence has blood flying from band members faces as various limbs are struck in a frantic stage show of flailing limbs. Hardcore with an extreme edge makes for an interesting performance and they fail to disappoint.


As we await the final act, Iron Maiden's classic Run to the Hills, blasts through the venues PA. The lights dim and after a cheer the fans sing along to the classic tune. As it dies down Trivium burst forth, opening with The Sin and The Sentence, title track from the band's latest opus. Betrayer, also from said album, has everyone's fists pumping in unison, fast becoming a fan favourite.Heafy leans forth towards the crowd, tongue outstretched as Corey Beaulieu works magic with a solo mid song. The pair play off each other, riffs entwined to create a cacophony of raucousness that is music to all our ears.


Unlike the manic stage show of Code Orange before them, Trivium are a graceful, refined presence on stage, the minimalistic set dressing suiting their style and letting the music do the talking. Switching from the new material to the old, which melds together perfectly in the set, 2005's Ascendancy is thrust forth much to the fans delight.


As the set goes on the fans get wilder, security struggling to cope with the deluge of surfers. The evening spans the bands full career and with a plethora of tracks in a back catalogue to choose from there's no shortage of material to choose from.


As the encore starts with Shattering the Skies Above, the band look like they could carry on for hours more. Youthful vigour still present as the roar of Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr kicks in.Rounding out the night with In Waves, the band takes a bow ending what has been one hell of a set and an astonishing evening all round. Each of the bands on this bill walk out with heads held high, surely this tour will go down in the annals of history as one never to be forgotten.




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