LIVE REVIEW! Epica - Kentish Town Forum, London

April 17, 2018

Epica are here celebrating their 999th show of an illustrious career that’s been going strong since 2002. It’s a line-up that boasts some serious quality with two supports who are very much in the limelight right now. 


It’s the progressive doom laden sounds Oceans Of Slumber that fill the room first and with a new record to show off, they’re swinging for the fences for this is none other a showcase for all that is new which is a good thing because ‘The Banished Heart’ deserves to be heard and the five song set list consisted of some of the best tracks from the record. Cammie Gilbert provides the vocals that can easily compete with the talent that will appear on stage tonight. It’s a great start to a great tour package. 


Performance of the night however must go to Amalie Bruun and her band Myrkur. It takes things up a notch as the dark and brooding sounds scream and echo out of the venue PA. ‘The Serpent’ is a perfect opening statement that deserves everyone’s attention. If ever there was a moment to hear what Myrkur are all about, it was now. It’s dark and savage with times of beauty that’s hard to ignore and leaves you in an almost hypnotic state until the final note comes. Wonderful stuff. 


Make no mistake however, this is Epicas show as the abundance of T shirts in the crowd would quite easily inform you if you didn’t know and whilst the 999th show isn’t as special as tomorrows 1000th show, it’s damn close and still quite the crowning achievement so tonight is an all-out celebration of the bands longevity and hard work leading up to an almost sold out London crowd.


Things don’t take long to be in full swing as ‘Edge Of The Blade’ gallops at full speed with the groove of the music initiating the old too familiar crowd bounce. Once thing is evident, epic lights and band members spread across the stage high and low makes the show feel like a big production. Not to mention the flawless pipes of Simone Simons herself, in fact the whole band are on point as they whirlwind around the stage making use of all the space the Kentish Town Forum stage had to offer whilst performing track after track with particular favourites ‘Cry For The Moon’  as well as ‘Consign To Oblivion’ closing the night off with a bang.




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