LIVE REVIEW! Andrew WK - Kentish Town Forum, London

April 17, 2018

Before we really get into it, we are just going to come out and say it…




That’s right folks, We are calling it right now. Nothing this year has come close to the partying chaos we witnessed this past weekend in London when Andrew WK returned to the UK in support of his latest offering ‘You're Not Alone’. There never was a statement any truer than the title of his latest record as thousands of people came together in one big group to forget what a shit state the world is in. To forget about politics, bombs and anything else because on this night, it was only ever going to be about one thing and that was partying hard.


There’s a feeling in the air. It stirs as our support band Yonaka do their thing on stage. The band do a great job at trying to get their sound over with the early birds. It’s a tough job for anyone supporting Andrew WK given the sheer size of the chaos that’s about to ensue, but Yonaka take no prisoners in ensuring that the band get their message across and they do it with relative ease winning over many in the crowed as they proceed to make their way through their set list. It’s been a couple of years since we last saw the band in the tiny venue that is the Black Heart in London and so it’s good to see the growth that’s taken place since then. More confidence and a bigger sound on the big stage works well.


Regardless however, there need not be any support bands as everyone is here for non other than Andrew WK. There are many comically dressed up sporting Andrews signature white T shirt and Denim. Overhearing conversations, many claim to be wearing Andrew WK T-shirts also as they show off what is a plain white to their friends. That being said, there are no substitutes for the man himself. Its time for the show as those in attendance make their way back from the bar with their two-pint cups of beer, because what would a party be without a two-pint cup! It really feels like there is about to be an explosion of energy as the place goes dark and ‘The Power Of Partying’ introduces the set. Chats of ‘Party’ in the crowd begin to fill the venue as Andrew and his incredible band arrive on stage. This is it. This is the moment people have been waiting for. ‘Music Is Worth Living For’ is the song that erupts onto the stage with a wall of sound that is so big it’s impossible not to be moving. As expected, it doesnt take long for bodies to begin to flow over the barrier making the security teams work hard as the photographers dodge out of the way whilst trying to capture their moment. 


The crowd do a great job at drowning out Andrew with the ‘Woah’ sing alongs to the bands latest release ‘Ever Again’. Following this, massive claps to the beat of the drum give us a visual treat as everyones hands clap in unison. Huge singalongs, bodies jumping up and down and beer literally flying everywhere is the scene here and the scene is good. There’s not one person not smiling in the crowd. This is just the beginning.


Its not often bands need two sheets of paper for their live set list but that’s exactly what Andrew and his band has brought to London. Song after song of absolute party hits. ‘Ready To Die’ & ‘She Is Beautiful’ make early appearances in the set and let’s not forget tracks such as ‘Party Til You Puke’ and ‘We Want Fun’ keeping the momentum at an all-time high as we reach the half way point, a moment we realise that things are not calming down, Theres, moshing, singing, arms and legs in the air (a shout out to the guy wearing the cow print trousers). People are really letting go and it looks as if it only feeds the band more as the energy remains electric.


As expected, ‘Party Hard’ the track of the night. I don’t even think we can put into words just how much the place erupted as soon as the first notes are played (after a big countdown we might add). The only thing thats wrong with this night is that it had to end, oh and those who are likely to be very sore in the morning. 


This was a night where everyone in the building knew it was time to party and party hard they did. We for one cant wait for Andrew & Co to return again soon!







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