NEWS! Ghost debut new track 'Rats'

April 13, 2018


Ghost don't do anything by halves, the illusive Swedish superstars based around their vocalist satanic priest Papa Emeritus, have been theatrically promoting the changing of the guard recently. Starting with the de-throning of Papa Emeritus III to in the past week some wonderfully scripted videos of the hiring of his replacement.


With Cardinal Copia now being handed promotion to head of the church, can this young upstart carry on in the footsteps of the three previous Papa Emeritus' he succeeds?


Only time will tell how well the Cardinal with cope being thrust into superstar-dome and indeed where he will take the band next. Many questions come to mind, can he live up to the hype set upon him? Will he live up to the reputation set by his predecessor? Or will he go off the rails under the pressure of it all?


Following a 20 second tease of a new song a few days ago, last night we got a preview of the new direction they are taking. The band debuted Rats from their forthcoming album Prequelle.


Featuring the bands usual progressive stylings mixed with the rock vibs and a pop twist. Its exactly the progression you'd expect the band to take, and accompanied by a wondrously cinematic music video. What more could you want?


Check it out here and let us know your thoughts!




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