NEWS! Bokassa UK Debut Show Announced!

April 6, 2018



Currently hailed as the best band to surface since Slipknot, Norwegian stoner punks Bokassa have just announced a headlining debut show that will see the band play the Boston Music Room, London on May 22nd. 


Last year saw the band release 'Divide & Conquer', a debut record that has so far been recognised as one of the best debuts to hit shelves even receiving high praise from Metallica's very own Lars Ulrich who confirmed Bokassa as "my new favourite band"

Having recently acquired a helping hand in management by renowned rock journalist and radio host as well as founder of the 'Thats Not Metal' Podcast, Terry David "Beez" Bezer, Bokassa's presence in the UK and the wrold is only going to go from strength to strength. Bezer himself took to his instagram to comment on the news of his new role in Bokassa's management:


"As of Monday, my life is @bokassaband as I manage them around the world and assist them in Scandinavia. They know that area and I’m happy for us to truly be a team all over the world. I’m doing this because they’re the best band since Slipknot. Be stoked. They’re coming...soon"


CLICK HERE TO BUY TICKETS. Tickets are available from Monday to purchase for a small cost of £10.  


For those of you dying to know what all the fuss is about, 'Divide & Conquer' is available in most place right now. Click on the links below:



Editors Note: I have to say, usually we receive so many promos through to our various mailboxes and in all honesty, its hard to get through them all without having a million people as keen and as passionate as we are. Sometimes it can be quite a task but every now and again you come across something truly special. We believe this is it. It was our record of the year last year by a country mile. It will probably be our record of the year this year too which is actually hilarious!. We believe in Bokassa, I believe in Bokassa. I cant even remember a time where a debut had me in its grip from start to finish. Its moments like this that make me adore music and I for one cant wait to seen them in London. 





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