LIVE REVIEW! Doyle - The Asylum, Birmingham

The offices here at The Revival HQ are a buzz this year with the sound of The Misfits. The legendary horror punk band are everywhere from their own shows to various offshoots touring, and we are covering it all.


In case you missed it, we covered former Misfits front man Michale Graves on his UK tour last month, review of which is up on the website. And later this year we will cover the original line up reunion show in New Jersey, shortly followed by the Danzig 30th anniversary tour back here in the UK.


But tonight is all about guitarist Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein and his solo show “Doyle”. The towering figure of a man kicks off a large UK tour here in Birmingham’s intimate Asylum venue. 


Local act deadfilmstar kick off proceeding, fighting their way through an array of technical difficulties to put on a great show in front of the eager early attendees. The intriguing looking quartet fronted by a magnificent presence on stage, Gary, crawling around crab like long dreadlocks flowing through the air and demonic looking with his blacked out eye balls. Musically they provide a twist on the industrial sound. Marilyn Manson melds with Gary Newman resulting in a wonderfully fresh sound for this scene. They round out their far too short set with a magnificent cover of Suede's Film Star.


Onto a band we are familiar with following an incredible show at Bloodstock last year we have Ward XVI. The theatrical horror rock act take you on a journey into the mind of a serial killer locked behind the gates of the Whittingham Asylum on Ward XVI. Taking a heavy dose of inspiration from Alice Cooper, front-woman, Pcychoberrie disembowels her victim mid set in a delightful show of sound and vision. Words cannot do this band justice, they must be seen to be believed and I strongly encourage you to seek them out.


Main support for the whole UK tour are The Dead XII, a Mancunian five piece who infuse a horror punk ethos with a large dose of heavy metal. Riffs a plenty and a bass line to die for, they take the volume in the small Asylum venue up a notch or two. Vocally aggressive, metal with a mix of punk and rock riffs. This band are unique yet fit perfectly with the headline act, bold and aggressive, just the way we like it.


To round out the evening we have a living legend in Doyle! Whilst they are a band in their own right, it’s really Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein everyone is here to see. And that fact really is an injustice to the talent we see on stage tonight. Doyle, guitarist for the Misfits, his six foot plus frame towers over everyone in this intimate venue. But it’s the Wolfman centre stage who impresses with a unique throaty vocal style.


Beast Like Me resonates round the room, less horror punk and more horror metal, Doyle getting the chance to show off his technical ability more so than in his main punk outfit. Powerful riffs supported by the strong vocal lead, rough and ready but straight to the point provide the full impact of this band. For an hour and a half Doyle regales us with hits of his own, avoiding the easy option of covers from his other outfit, this unique material stands out and thus so does the evening. Cemeterysexxx and Hope Hell Is Warm head and shoulders above the rest during the impressive set.


The undead guitar god shows us tonight he has it all, the technical skills and song writing ability to hold his own in a post Misfits world. He can stand tall as the ultimate entertainer.




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