REVIEW! Andrew WK - You're Not Alone

March 5, 2018

Andrew WK is back once more with yet another record filled with non stop party hard tracks with a feel good vibe that is sure to put you in a good mood. 


The firth (and possibly finest) studio album hit our shelves last week and its seemingly a record with a consistent vibe to it as we make our way through the whopping 16 songs and that is a vibe of positivity and inspiration. Its the feel good record of the summer that not even here yet. 


There's a short intro entitled ‘The Power Of Partying’ before things really get started with the anthemic ‘Music Is Worth Living For’ that will have the fans all sweaty, packed into their nearest venue singing along at the top of their lungs for sure. Its infectious mid tempo groove will have you nodding your head in approval. 


‘Ever Again’ is the perfect continuation with its intro of ‘woahs’ followed by some of the catchiest music found in Andrews back catalogue. At this point, if you’re not in the best mood of your life, you’re dead to the world. 


Whilst the previous two tracks may have been a little less of the Andrew WK pace that put him on the map all them years ago, ‘I Don’t Know Anything’ sounds almost like an homage to himself with a faster upbeat track sporting shades of ‘Party Hard’. Its here your devil hors should be up and your hair should be swinging. 

For those worried that the party had died, fear not because there is literally a track called ‘The Party Never Dies’ and quite frankly, its awesome. Its also a message, because at just shy of half way through the record, you can help but wonder just how much more partying can this record can bring you…


The title track itself ‘You're Not Alone’ brings one of the records finest feel good moments as it culminates with the lyrics “your journeys not over, its just beginning”. Its a conclusion in the form of a message to the people, as is every other song on this record. And if you’re not inspired, entertained, touched, singing your heart out or all of the above by the time the play through is done, go back and play it again and this time, pay attention. 


For those living under a rock and missed everything after 'I Get Wet', this may be a record that proves to be a rude awakening for those who have failed to keep up with the evolution of Andrew WK. Whilst it certainly has its moments that feel as if they came straight from the 2000 era, this is largely different but not at the same time. All the components that make an Andrew WK song are there. Catchy hooks, pounding piano and drums and enough riffs to satisfy most but expect more epic chorus driven songs that may, dare we say, sound like a more mature approach to what we are used to hearing. You can be sure of one thing though...


This is good. This is very good. 


Andrew WK joins us in the UK in a few weeks for a run of dates in support of ‘You Are Not Alone’


Andrew W.K. UK Tour Dates April 2018:

  • April 13 Cardiff Great Hall

  • April 14 London Kentish Town Forum

  • April 15 Birmingham Academy 2

  • April 18 Norwich Waterfront

  • April 19 Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms

  • April 20 Manchester Ritz

  • April 21 Glasgow Garage




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