LIVE REVIEW! Michale Graves - The Asylum, Birmingham

According to the Chinese zodiac, 2018 is the year of the Earth Dog, although looking at it through our eyes 2018 is quickly becoming the "Year of the Misfit". Coming up over the next few months we will be covering original Misfit guitarist Doyle on his solo UK tour, and the BIG event - the home coming of the original Misfits - when The Revival will be at the New Jersey show to cover Danzig, Only and Doyle on stage together again.


But first tonight, we have Micahale Graves' solo show, the Misfits frontman for a number of years, arguably during their most popular period. Now out on the road with his own band producing the same style of horror punk he is so famous for.


Opening the evening are local band Disciples of Sin. Imagine a cross between WASP, Motley Crew and the Misfits and you get a pretty good idea of what the band are about. Frontman and guitarist, Bret, the mirror image of a more youthful Blackie Lawless in style. Their musical style also takes influence from early Alice Cooper and you can here that in Bret’s guitar sound. The horror metal sound is unique taking the glam influences and fusing them with balls to the wall rock and roll. A great way to start the evening.


Second up, and the main support for the whole tour, are Northern Ireland’s finest So Long Until The Séance, or S.L.U.T.S. for short. These boys really do compliment tonight’s headliner and describe themselves as sleazy glam horror metal. I can understand that reference and it becomes more obvious as their lead guitarist, Tommy D.Bauchery, looks like a Steal Panther reject whilst their bassist looks like Uncle Fester with hair. An interesting mix on the eyes, but it’s how they sound which is why we are here. 


The show they put on is a tantalising mix horror punk, glam metal and just a little hardcore. The thrusting groin of D.Bauchery a side show to the quality of the musical output. A joyous set that ended far too soon and leaving us with the hope they’ll return soon.


Thus we arrive at the main event, the small room has more bodies in it than I have seen here before and there’s no room to move. Nearly everyone is clad in a Misfits tshirt expectant of this Michale Graves solo show.


The man himself arrives a little after his backing band. Clad in a leather cowboy hat and his face painted as a fleshless skull. The energy he exudes is mesmerising, for full on an hour and a half he jumps and runs around the small stage bouncing from wall to wall. 


The hour and a half long set comprises of solo work and no less than twenty two Misfits numbers from Graves era with the band. Opening with Halloween, American Psycho and Walk Among Us he has even the part time Misfit fan moist with excitement. 


A brief interlude to wish his daughter happy birthday via video link is followed by an encore of the horror punk gods. Dead Kings Rise, Theme For Jackal and Hybrid Moments. A stunning set which has the room writhing with sweaty aging punk bodies.


Michale Graves May have moved on from his time with the greatest horror punk band of all time, but his career continues at blistering pace. As energetic as ever and keen for everyone to have a good time. You cannot hep but enjoy yourself at the show. What a man and what an entertainer!




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