REVIEW! Kreator Classics Re-issued!

February 22, 2018

Nothing can prepare you for that warm fuzzy feeling that German Thrash Metal gives you when you’ve cranked the volume up to ten, thrown up the devil horns and proceeded to headbang along at over a hundred miles per hour to the speedy galloping beats and super shredded guitars the genre is oh so famous for.


The hair may have left our poor heads years ago but the Thrash feels were strong as soon as we heard the news that the worlds greatest German Thrash Metal band, Kreator are re-issuing 4 records from their extensive back catalogue, one of which includes the mighty ‘Coma Of Souls’, a record often hailed as one of the best as well as a career defining moment for the band. Its not that hard to remember why as we skim through the track list whilst ‘When The Sun Burns Red’ really jumpstarts into its full on assault of speed right before some killer riffage from the title track that is pure Kreator through and through. One of the the records stand out tracks however has always been ‘Terror Zone. A track that is so huge and has it all from the epic introduction feeding into an iconic drum roll only made better by its accompanying riffs, of which there are many!

Lets not forget that the re-issue comes with an incredible bulk of extra music. Disc 2 gives us a staggering live set for the listener’s pleasure recorded in Germany and including many fan favourites, especially those old school fans. If you have ever seen Kreator live, you should be well aware of the wall of sound that is thrown your way and this particular live recording, cranked right up to 10 should be nothing short of exceptional to anyone who calls themselves a fan. 


Of course, whilst Coma of Souls may very well be our favourite of the four reissues, its hard to forget ‘Cause For Conflict’, ‘Renewal’ and ‘Outcast’ are all being given their chances to shine once more with the latter boasting one of Kreator’s live set favourites ‘Phobia’, a track that will be stuck in your head for days. The biggest surprise however is another live set recording on Disc 2, this time at 1998's edition of Dynamo festival, something that has managed to capture the essence of Kreator perfectly. The live recording of ‘Pleasure To Kill’ will have you weeping thrash metal tears of joy.


So what else could possibly make these re-issues extra special you ask? Well, not only do they come in your usual digital formats for those who have forgotten the lost art of a physical item in their hands, but collectors will revel in the news that not only will these come in media book format, but also various coloured vinyl (red, green, blue & orange). Naturally we are dying to get our hands on these so keep your eyes close to our Instagram page as we share a few images over the coming weeks of ours when they arrive!


All four of these wonderful re-issues from thrash Legends are available everywhere from the 23rd Feb 2018 through BMG. 










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