LIVE REVIEW! Alien Ant Farm - Kentish Town Forum, London

February 15, 2018

It’s a night of nostalgia and hard rock in London on an evening that brings together two bands in particular that led the way of the noughties. Those familiar with the Ker rang nu metal days will be no stranger to the bands in question that, even throughout all these years, still somehow manage to pack a Kentish Town forum sized venue.


The grungy and slightly Nirvana-esque two-piece Local H start things off in a noisy manner that fails to really get many of the folks in attendance moving on this Wednesday night but the band do not let that deter them from going all out. In reality they’re not playing anything that different to what we have on the bill and whilst it may sound a little dated, in a weird way, that’s why everyone’s here, to celebrate the old and with that in mind, it works.


The surprise of the night though comes from Soil. The surprise isn’t really their performance, which really feels and looks tired and old, but really from how many people are still into it. It was back in 2001 that the band really exploded with ‘Halo’ a song that’s come to define them and from the first note, the crowd goes wild and the mobile phones come out. With frontman Ryan McCombes even joining the crowd for the entire song, not even that could get the fans to put away their phones. Take a look at youtube, I am certain there would be some footage. It appears that the days of living in the moment and enjoying a show are simply gone.


Alien Ant Farm may be that band who sang that Michael Jackson cover and wrote that ‘Movies’ song but tonight, live, we witness the dynamic of the band in full. A band that certainly has more than two songs and even though many in the room may not be aware just how much material the boys have, its proven that they are more than just these two songs.


Exploding onto the stage with ‘Bad Morning’ things get moving quickly as Frontman Dryden Mitchell bounces around the stage to the beat of the song.


It doesn’t take long to get the first of the two songs out of the way. ‘Movies’ elicits a big reaction where the fans are given ample opportunity to sing along and make their voices heard. 2001 one is back with a bang ladies and gentlemen. In fact, there is no shortage of material from the bands seminal Anthology record that put them on the map all that time ago. It seems there are still many people who are fans of the record and those people are certainly in the forum tonight.


As expected, the Encore finishes things off with Smooth Criminal which is enough to tip this packed crowd over the edge. Another chance to let themselves be heard. A big ending to a big night and whilst its been one of predictability, the nostalgia feelings are strong with this one. 




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