LIVE REVIEW! Persistence Tour 2018 ft. Hatebreed, Madball, Terror & More!

February 6, 2018

Last year we saw a star studded lineup take to the stage at the Kentish Town forum in London that saw the much renowned Persistence Tour return to UK shores for a day of the hardcores very best. The tour ploughed through Europe as tore up stages night after night with bands including the mighty Suicidal Tendencies, Walls Of Jericho and many more.


Much to the delight of pretty much everyone, once more, 2018's edition of the Persistence Tour rolled through town and brought us many more quality acts with Hatebreed headlining to play some of the lesser played songs that have not frequented their setlist over the past few years. The last time Hatebreed came to the forum was part of the 2016’s Impericon Festival which also took place in the same venue. Safe to say, it was a sold out house, an indication of just how good this years lineup was.


Of course Hatebreed were not the only draw for those who made their way through the venues doors. Insanity Alert were pulling opening duties with their crushing crossover thrash of which more is to be featured on the highly anticipated upcoming self title record out 23rd March. As they make their way through heir set, it feels like the band are sure to be the next big talked about band in the crossover space, a space which you should watch closely If bands like this will by flying the flag.


Things are changed up a little bit with the slightly more aggressive Broken Teeth who quite frankly, sound

more pissed off on the big stage than they ever have. Its our first true moment of Hardcore this evening and those die hards make themselves known. Breakdowns galore give those in attendance the opportunity to throw down hard. At this point, we have had two very solid openers.


Speaking of Breakdowns, pioneers, Born From Pain are just as ridiculous as they always are. Its hard to think that we have been watching this band do their thing since 2000. We personally saw songs from records such as ‘In Love With The End’ and ‘War’ played in shitty little dive clubs in even shittier places like Peterborough, its refreshing to see the band back and bigger than ever (and sounding heavy as fuck I might add).


Its safe to say ‘Power Trip’ tear the Kentish Town forum a new one and to be honest, no one really expected anything less. A flurry of jumping members on stage are as mesmerising as the fans who are embarking upon a whirlwind of pain to the music. Heads are banging, moshers are moshing. For a moment, the angry slower paced pissed off sounding bands have stopped and Power Trip have turned the show into a full on thrash assault!


The great thing about this years Persistence Tour is that it really feels like we have multiple headliners between three of the biggest names in Hardcore. The Bands who made the scene what it is today leading the way and flying that flag. One thing that makes these bands so well respected is their abilty to tear the

place down every night without fail. Its Its Terror who do some of the best work here getting the venue security team to earn their pay checks. We can’t personally count the amount of times we have seen this band, but once more, they prove to be one of, if not, the best bands of the night. The giant inflatable crocodile that makes its way to the stage thinks so too!


It’s the smaller venues such as The Underworld & The Blackheart that have hosted Madball a whole bunch of times over the last couple of years. This time, it’s the bands time to shine on the big stage in front of an even bigger crowd who are all here to show their respects to New York Hardcores very own who are “Still here after many hard years” and if there’s one thing that’s made certain tonight is that you definitely “cant kill what wont die” and Madball are far from dead.


Anticipation fills the air as those in attendance await the mighty Hatebreed who have kitted out the stage with their usual branded backdrop, drums and banners. Its doesn’t take long for the diehards to really show Jasta & co who they came here for. Once more the security are put to the test, even removing the photographers after an influx of bodies spill over the barriers. This is hardcore and these fans are indeed as diehard as they come. It was promised that this tour would feature tracks not often heard in the standard Hatebreed set and the band delivered especially with the content from ‘Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire’. We saw the likes of ‘Before Dishonour’, ‘Last Breath’ and ‘Empty Promises’ make their way into the set early which left the casual fan confused whilst those more familiar jumped around elated to be hearing such material live.


The set was not without its hits though. A whopping 20+ songs saw Hatebreed turn the forum into a warzone with the usual set list favourites including ‘A Call For Blood’ & ‘Destroy Everything’. All these years later, Hatebreed are still here doing what they do best and you can pretty much guarantee those in attendance will be right back with them whenever we see them return to the UK





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