REVIEW! Kingdom in Kaos - Morality for Savages

January 25, 2018

In the modern age, since the technological revolution that is the internet, many a decent band can get lost in the tidal wave of groups churning material out from their bedrooms. A modern band has to fight hard to be heard or fear being drowned out. But the old adage holds strong, the cream will rise to the top and eventually with a bit of hard work, the best bands will shine through.



One such ensemble are Halifax's Kingdom in Kaos, fighting their way the throng of budding artists to rise to the top locally and to be one of the breakout bands nationally of 2018. As the stars all align for the Yorkshire lads, we will soon see the release of their new album Morality for Savages, which promises to be push the band further into the limelight.


As ever here at the Revival we like to bring you the reviews of all the best new music, and having had Morality for Savages on the turntable for the best part of a week now, we thought it about time we shared this opus with you. 


The album opens with Void, a softly spoken number to start with, a guitar fading in from the abyss, louder and louder before being joined by a throbbing drum line. This continues building the atmosphere before the second guitar kicks in louder again and then front-man Stouty starts a haunted scream that makes the hair on your neck stand on end. As introductions go, its one that grabs your attention!


Head of the Snake gives you the true picture of what this band is about, pure unadulterated metal aggression. Dueling guitars fight for supremacy as Stouty offers an interesting vocal range that at times gives the impression of two vocalists at times.


The theme carry's on throughout the record, the brutality of each song going up a peg or two as the album progresses. Small melodic mid-sections break up a number of the tracks, introducing the bands softer side, but melding well with the fury the band drive down your ear canals at all other opportunities. Its a style that reminds me of death metal mixed with occasional nu metal interludes, but don't let my description put you off. This sound works well and is its a joy to listen to the juxtaposed elements battling for your approval.


Overall the album is a has that gritty, rough recorded sound that grabs you by the throat and pins you to the wall before the musical aggression pounds you into oblivion. An extremely well rounded release for Yorkshires newest metal warriors. The album is dripping in technically exquisite raw extreme metal and its sure to grab the attention of a plethora of new fans.




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