LIVE REVIEW! Max & Iggor Return To Roots - The Forum, London

December 21, 2017

The run up to Christmas is always a busy one for live music, this year is no exception with a month full of many shows across the UK, one of which is the eagerly anticipated nostalgia trip brought to the big stage by non other than brother, Iggor & Max Cavelara in what has been promised as a ‘return to roots’ brought to you by non other than the MTV Headbangers Ball tour featuring a well put together package of bands sure to end the year on an explosive note.


Deserted Fear make no half assed attempt to pummel the sparse crowds into oblivion with their interesting death metal mashup that is enough to at least get folks to check them out if they’re unfamiliar with the band, which of course is a good thing. Their sound is monstrous in the forum tonight and it’s a shame that not more are there to witness it.


With the room filling up nicely now, Insomnium add their usual Finnish metal twist to the show with a splash of melody for good measure. For those who know, this is the same Insomnium we know and love. It’s a tried and tested formula of big riffs and even bigger endings but it works well in the forum tonight.


Overkill, who appear to be the real champions of the night explode onto the stage out of nowhere. For a career pushing 30+ years they’re certainly as energetic as ever as they celebrate the release ‘The Grinding Wheel’ this year. It doesn’t take long for the room to get into it. It’s a much needed boost of pure speed and brilliance on a line-up that’s been a little slower paced thus far suitably getting our friendly security staff working hard as bodies flow over the barrier. A whirlwind of thrashing both on and off the stage put the band up there as the best of the night.


In what has been marketed as Iggor & Max return to roots, the brothers appear on stage as half of the original Sepultura line-up and they are here to present to the fans the bands seminal album ‘Roots’ live and in full. With the first riffs of ‘Roots Bloody Roots’ turning the room into a frenzy brought straight back from the year 1996. With a whirlwind of hair on the front row and the waving of Brazilian flags, Its clear the fans are ignoring the fact that half the original band from this time are missing and in all fairness, were you not looking, you’d never know as the sound coming from the stage is as good as it was back in the day.   It’s a show you can’t afford to analyse too much otherwise you might miss a fun night filled with nostalgia and the closest you’ll ever get to the real thing.





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