LIVE REVIEW! Mastodon - O2 Brixton Academy, London

December 19, 2017

It’s not a surprise to anyone that a tour that puts Mastodon, Red Fang and Russian Circles on the same bill strolled trough London to sell out the renowned Brixton Academy much to delight of pretty much everyone.


It’s an event that not even the weather can’t disrupt as the fans ensure they’re right there with Russian Circles to open with a mesmerising set filled with moments of sonic beauty and captivating soundscapes all presented to the crowd in near darkness, for its the music and the music alone that is the show here. The last time we saw this band was Desertfest 2015 and they back taking over Brixton with a vengeance that is as undeniable as the applause the band receives upon finishing up. It’s a short but very sweet set that is bound to not only whet the appetites of those who are new to the band but certainly please those who are no stranger to what they do.


Red Fang are also no stranger to London right now and are seemingly on fire every time they come through town, this time with their sound filling up the academy with their meaty groove that is far from lost on the folks in attendance. The show continues to go from strength to strength with the punters already receiving their money’s worth easily. We’ve not had a single note from the headliners yet but Red Fang take Brixton by storm and the fans reap the benefits.


Our main event sees Mastodon take to the stage in front of a sold out crowd who have been buttered up nicely on this cold winter evening. With the end of the year only days away, it’s time to re-evaluate those ‘gig of the year’ lists because Mastodon came, they saw and they without a doubt conquered. All 13 minutes of ‘The Last Baron’ is the epic set opener that, mixed with the bands spectacular light rig, is already enough to to know that what’s in store for every Mastodon fan in attendance is nothing short but the absolute best of the band.  ‘Sultans Curse’ adds a special touch of the new and is absolutely crushing live, for it’s London’s first taste of the ‘Emperor Of Sand’ material live which is the reason the band are here celebrating with us in the first place. It’s a record that is sure to take many of the number 1 spots in the inevitable end of year lists and is so good that many are probably not disappointed that the set list boasts a whopping seven of its eleven tracks!


The show is not without its nostalgia however with returning favourites ‘Blood & Thunder’ & ‘Megaladon’ turning Brixton into a frenzy of bodies through the use of those early Mastodon riffs we all know and lover well. Riffs that still to this day are monstrously heavy live.


Without a doubt, the show of the year. With a lineup that could do no go wrong. 




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