LIVE REVIEW! Airbourne - The Roundhouse, London

November 27, 2017

It was only last year that Airbourne visited the London area on tour where they managed to fill up the Electric Ballroom twice in one week. This time they return once more. Bigger Stage, Bigger venue and potentially a bigger band than they were last year having gone from strength to strength selling out numerous venues around the world and coming back for more.  Even a Tuesday night couldn’t stop anyone in the venue from embarking upon a wild rager that would see plenty of booze and loud music. Frontman Joel O’Keeffe tells us during the Airbourne set that ‘Tonight is a night of no bullshit rock and roll’, he is right and it all begins with our crazy Canadian rockers The Wild who are a perfect opener as the members make their way around the stage in a wild whirlwind of rock and roll. Its nonstop energy as guitars flail around in the air and solos shred through the venue. A perfect warm-up for those looking forward to our headliners and quite possibly the best fit for supporting such a band. Those in attendance are quick to hop aboard the train, a train full of a whole heap of new fans The Wild potentially made tonight.


Unfortunately, with such an explosive start from our opening act, Phil Campbell & The Bastard Sons, doesn’t quite reach the same energetic highs as seen previously. However, there is a moment through the set where new life is injected into the show with the presence of ‘Silver Machine’, dedicated to the obvious fallen friends as it blares out through the PA which is having a tough time competing with all those in attendance singing their heads off. Predictably, things end with an ‘Ace Of Spades’ cover which is the biggest the band have sounded all night.


Normal service feels like its resumed as anticipation fills the air for the arrival of Airbourne On Stage and it doesn’t take long for things to heat up as the band explodes onto the stage. If the fans weren’t ‘Ready To Rock’ before, they certainly are now as beer flies through the air and hair starts to fly around uncontrollably as heads bang away, and that really is the wonderful thing about it, its simplistic rock and roll. No bells, no whistles, yet it has the innate ability to turn the room into a frenzy and because of it, Airbourne and their rock and roll show is undeniable.





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