REVIEW! In Flames - Down, Wicked & No Good

November 23, 2017

Well what do we have here? A surprise record drop that no one expected! Sure, we’re down with that! Its been an interesting year for In Flames. Having kept themselves busy on the road for quite some time in support of last years ‘Battles’, the band decided to waste no time and find a slot in their busy schedule to drop you, the fans a lovely little covers EP because…well, why not?


Whilst its short and relatively sweet, the release shows the band covering a few gems that you probably wouldn’t have expected the Swedish metal act to cover. With Depeche Mode, Chris Isaac and Alice in Chains all represented, this certainly feels like an attempt at the band having a bit of fun and again, we ask ourselves why not?


Depeche Modes ‘It’s No Good’ really doesn’t stray too far from the original in all honesty. The addition of Anders’ vocals in place adds a little more of a dirty electronic vibe to the track, where as the bands modern spin on Chris Isaak's hit ‘Wicked Game’ sounds like its come straight from a latest sci fi hit blockbuster soundtrack and in some weird strange way, makes us miss the original! It’s a wonderful modernised take on a guilty pleasure of ours and whilst we may have winced a little when we heard they were covering this song, listening to it is a much different experience than originally anticipated!

Covering something as iconic as ‘Down In A Hole’ by legends Alice In Chains, is no easy task. And whilst the cover doesn’t hit the spot as the original, the addition of the piano in place of the originals guitars is fantastic. Honestly, the biggest issue here is the absence of Staley and Cantrell, A vocal duo so significant, the fact its not there is hard to ignore. That being said, it’s a strong vibrant attempt, one we would gladly go back to listen to.


To close off the short offering here, a live recording of the worlds most covered song. ‘Hurt’. This isn’t the best cover of that song you’ll ever hear, because, well we all know who did that, but the live spin on on the classic works nicely.  


Cover records are in interesting thing and should be taken with a pinch of salt. Do some bands get it wrong and absolutely butcher the original? Sure! Is this one of those time? Nope. And honestly, the thing that In Flames do well here is trying not to outdo the original. They could have gone all out metal on each of these songs, but their simplistic approach and clear love for the artists they are celebrating has worked well.



Short, sweet, and absolutely OK.  




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