LIVE REVIEW! Cradle Of Filth - Electric Ballroom, London

November 20, 2017

It’s a busy time of the year as always as multiple tours tear through the city of London and beyond leaving a trail of destruction behind them. Cradle OF Filth are one of many bands celebrating the release of a new record right now. ‘Cryptoriana – The seductiveness of decay’ saw the band return to the limelight shortly followed by the announcement of a string of dates across some of the hottest venues in the UK.


Tagging along for the ride are Savage Messiah, a band taking the heavy metal scene by storm right now and also celebrating the release of ‘Hands Of Fate’ which recently hit the shelves. Its an early show this evening and the band are the ones to kick start this party and what a party it becomes as their whirlwind of metal filled the Electric Ballroom to an ever-filling room. By the end of their set, they have won the crowd over and more than likely made some new ones in the making. Do they fit the bill with Cradle Of Filth? Debateable, but regardless of your inclination to a band considered to be ‘Black Metal’ Savage Messiah do a wonderful job and making it work for them to the point of undeniability. Even if thrashy riffs and melodic singing isn’t your thing, you can’t deny that Savage Messiah are on fire as they confidently speed through their set with an almighty bang.

Anticipation is high for our headliners as the stage is prepared. From an evil looking microphone stand to banners boasting the infamous artwork of Cradle Of Filth that we have all come to recognise. With baited breath the fans await the arrival for Danni Filth himself and are eager to see what theatrics the band have in store for us.


It only feels appropriate that the band begin with fan favourite ‘Gilded Cunt’ and in doing so they are joined on stage with scantily clad women firing sparks in the air created with nothing more than a metal pole and a saw.  It’s appropriate as the symphonic sounds of Cradle Of Filth cut through the air like a hot knife through butter. Its doesn’t take long for the fans to reciprocate as things start to get a little rowdy on this Friday night.


Holistically, not a whole lot of new material makes it into the set which has come to be the norm for any band with such a large back catalogue as Cradle of Filth but regardless there is something in there for fans old and new. For the old school fans, ‘Dusk & Her Embrace’ naturally gives us our taste of something old as the hardcore fans in the room show that the old stuff is still as important as its ever been in the Cradle Of Filth back catalogue and a 6 song encore serves as a real treat that ends with ‘From The Cradle To Enslave’


An early show with only two bands tonight that did nothing more than prove that quality over quantity trumps all as those who have had a great night leave for the nearest bar to carry on the party. The best kind of Friday night, without a doubt!



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