LIVE REVIEW! Fozzy - O2 Islington Academy, London

November 12, 2017

Ask anyone in London, on a Thursday night when the weekend starts and they’ll tell you that it starts right now. Islington is seeing it usual activity for a cold Thursday evening in November. The coats and scarves are out for there is a bitter chill in the air. Those walking into the O2 Islington Academy on this night however wont be cold for long as things are about to heat up as the self proclaimed biggest rock and roll tour comes through town and it features none other than Fozzy and Hardcore Superstar on a co-headline stint that has made its way through the UK


Co-headline shows always prove to be an interesting thing with both bands squaring off against each other. Which headliner stole the show? Who should have closed? So many questions. The main thing though for fans attending the show tonight is that they were treated to both Hardcore Superstar and Fozzy giving performances worthy of closing the show. Looking around the venue during both bands it’s hard to conclude just who was the winner of the night. With all things considered, it doesn’t really matter. The bands were in their element and so were the fans.


Hardcore Superstar were the ones who truly lit the fire in the venue to get the party started. With their anthemic rock and roll for all to sing along to, they had the crowd eating out of the palms of their hands for most of the time they were on stage. ‘We Don’t Celebrate Sunday’s’ is a highlight of the set where the crowd are almost drowning out vocalist and frontman Joakim Berg who does a stellar job at commanding his crowd and even joining the front row for a short while. It may be mid-week and many of the folks in attendance may only be getting a couple of hours sleep before they must be up for work in the morning, but one thing is clear, they are here to party. Its go hard or go home time as ‘Last Call For Alcohol’ does well to illicit the kind of response from the crowd your band dreams of. It’s over all too soon for the fans as the band finishes up and everyone hits the bar one final time.


It’s safe to say there are wrestling fans in the room tonight as random people shout out various Chris Jericho one liners. Everything from ‘You’ve just made the list’ to ‘Ayatollah of Rock And Rolla’. It’s clear that there are people here for more than just Jericho’s rich history in the Wrestling world. In-between the wrestling t shirts are the bands own merch being well represented by the fans, a sign that Fozzy are more than just Y2J and its all but confirmed as the band make their way to the stage as the intro of ‘Judas’ hits the speakers.


This is no frills, good old-fashioned rock and roll. Simplicity at its best and it’s got the fans singing and whipping their hair about. If one thing has been made clear though, it’s that the band themselves are here for a good time. No bullshit rockstar attitudes, just a bunch of dudes jumping around and generally having a good time playing music they love. Fozzy founders Jericho & Rich Ward often jumping into each other shows they’re not here to take things too seriously. It rubs off on the crowd well and in the dark times we live in, there is a place filled with happiness and love and it’s at the o2 Academy on this night.




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