REVIEW! The Infernal Sea - Agents Of Satan

October 24, 2017

 “It doesn’t matter who you are. What you look like. Your age. Or what race you are. It makes no difference. You are all at risk”.


It's fair to say that UK Black Metal Stalwarts The Infernal Sea are continuing to take the scene by an absolute storm right now. For those already acquainted with the band, that storm remains to be filled with the sounds of death, darkness and absolute savagery. From the continued successes of their live rituals having conquered stage after stage, festival after festival across the UK and beyond, the band are once more back with a short and not so sweet taste of what’s to come as we look ahead to the future.


Having toured extensively showcasing the absolute brilliance that is ‘The Great Mortality’, The band are releasing a 2-track 7” picture disc entitled ‘Agents Of Satan’ to whet the appetites of those who await patiently for the next full length, of which any kind of details are yet to surface. Rest assured though, if these two tracks are anything to go by, the future, fortunately for the fans is looking very grim indeed.

The title track opens up and wastes very little time in getting things started. From the eerie spoken word introduction to the pounding drums that lead the way like a march to war fuelled by nothing but sheer demonic prowess. The band has made no secret of the concept of this track for these are the sounds of the notoriously sadistic Ripper Crew. Killing in the name of Satan, and terrifying America with their campaign of hatred. It's our first taste of the bands new material. There is a natural evolution in sound but not enough for it to be anything other than what The Infernal Sea  do best and it's certainly not one to be disappointed with.


The second track ‘Skinwalker’ has been a long time coming. Taken from ‘The Crypt Sessions’ and re-recorded especially for this picture disc, the track takes us on the journey of Peter Stumpp (also known as 'The Werewolf of Bedburg'). Accused of Witchcraft, cannibalism, incestuous relationships and intercourse with a Succubus. His sadistic nature led him to devour the brain of his own child and kill over 14 women and children. He confessed to gorging on their flesh and bones with an insatiable blood thirst. For the old school fans who were lucky enough to get one of the now hard to find 'Crypt Session' cassettes, the track breaths new life compared to the older recording and will without a doubt please fans old and new. It's viciousness oozes throughout the entire 5+ minutes, an exhausting experience to say the least and it is non stop chaos from start to finish. Absolutely relentless.


When it's all said and done this may only be two tracks in length but it is without a doubt two tracks of pure quality that fans of The Infernal Sea are very much used to at this point. If that wasn't enough the 7" picture disc comes with with the the usual quality artwork that is slowly becoming the bands 'thing'. The bar has once more been set and the anticipation is at an all time high for what comes next.  




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