INTERVIEW! Monolord talk all things 'Rust'

October 20, 2017

Its been a busy year for Monolord and things are only shaping to get busier as they look ahead to where the real hard work begins – Touring in support of their latest offering ‘Rust’ which has done well to showcase their ‘impenetrable wall of distortion and spell-binding vocals’. In light of hearing the record (be sure to check out our review right here!) We felt it only right to quickly catch up with one of Sweden’s finest musical exports. Guitarist/Vocalist Thomas Jäger was kind enough to answer a few of our questions. What inspires you most as a band when writing music?


I am the one that has been writing the most of the music, but we arrange and do the finishing touches together. I get inspired by a lot of different music and it doesn’t have to be from a specific genre. For example, I can be in my car and listen to First Aid Kit and get a vibe from a chorus or just from a line of lyrics. I make a note of it and I always try to record all my ideas on my phone as soon as possible to save it for later. Who are some of the band's favourite musical artists and why?


We listen to a lot of different. Like the heavyweights High On Fire, Entombed, Disfear but also some old country, psych. Wand, The Oh Sees, Kadavar, Anti Cimex, Driller Killer etc etc. What new bands or albums are exciting you the most recently?


Just listened to the new Kadavar album and that is really good. Firebreather seems promising from what I have heard. I just recorded a band called Moon Mother that you can check out on bandcamp. Which of your own albums you've recorded so far do you feel is your best?


That is impossible to choose an album. Sometimes I have favorite songs but that also varies. So I really can´t choose. But of course the new record is special cause it is new and we are looking forward to playing these songs live. What is the band's favourite song on “Rust” and why?


Right now I enjoy playing “Where Death Meets The Sea”. It has a good groove but still a hard hitter. It is gonna be good hammering that one out live. Where did the inspiration for the album cover for “Rust” come from? Is there any intended symbolism with the two cars stood partly buried in the ground?


The picture is taken somewhere in the middle east. From what I have been told, cars planted in the ground like that is used as a helicopter trap, to prevent them from landing there. War, destruction and greed are subjects that always run through our lyrics in some ways. Do you try and keep a limit on how long the songs you write are? Or would you maybe one day go “full doom” and release a 60 minute “"magnum opus", single song album?


The songs are done when they are done so to speak. We don’t extend a song just cause it need to be longer. We have shorter tracks on this album than before. But we have also 10-15 minutes slow hitters on there. For our gearheads - how did you achieve such a great guitar tone on “Rust”? What is the band's preferred gear?


For guitar I have been using Orange amps, a boss hyper fuzz and flying v´s with lace pickups for a long time now. Mika also use Orange amps. Esben has a huge Gretsch kit. Pretty basic actually. But loud.


Monolord 'Rust' is available everywhere now. 

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