LIVE REVIEW! Thy Art Is Murder - Electric Ballroom, London

October 17, 2017

Thy Art Is Murder came back to the UK after claiming the band has neglected our neck of the woods for far too long. Tonight was the penultimate show for the UK leg of their tour and it was said they were going to make up for their absence in style. Tonight this was rewarded by a sold out show in Camden’s Electric Ballroom. But first, who else was brought along to support the Aussie deathcore giants?

The opening act, all the way from Sydney, are the five piece band Justice For The Damned. The hardcore band seems to have some fans here if the cheering and head banging are anything to go by. Vocalist, Bobak Rafiee has an impressive voice with support from the bassist and lead guitarist. 


Justice For The Damned are swiftly followed by Seattle band, Oceano. Front man Adam Warren’s sheer size matches his vocal style - an intense, atmospheric and powerful man who has a passion for trying to break divisions within cultures and peoples. During one of the breathers in their set, Adam says that every one of us are connected and to look after each other, stay unified, especially within the scene. He goes on to say that we can change the world if we all stand together. A fantastic set from this four piece. 


The main support act comes in the form of After The Burial. After congratulating the first successful crowd surfer, Anthony Notarmaso vehemently encourages the crowd to follow suit and within seconds a tirade of bodies were being washed towards the stage. This continued throughout the rest of their set. This later turned into a circle pit, which consumed one third of the room and if you've been to Ballroom you know it's a fairly small venue.  Easily the most energy producing band for the crowd thus far.


That is, before the headline act flexed their muscles. Now, before Thy Art Is Murder came on, a barrage of 80’s and 90’s pop songs where blasted through the Ballroom. Songs like “Don’t Stop Me Now” and “You Can’t Stop The Fire.” Then, the room is plunged into darkness. A huge noise from the anticipating crowd in unison chant "CJ! Ceeeejay! CEEJAY!"

One by one the members join the stage, which is backlit in yellow before turning into the band’s signature orange with CJ donning his hooded garment for the first few songs. This is Thy Art’s biggest headline show. A completely sold out 1200cap venue, which CJ later will mention time and time again.


There is a constant torrent of crowd surfing, so much so that I was hit on the head and neck in the photopit. Thy Art are pumped to be here, big smiles and have brought family and friends along to celebrate their achievement. Clothes are being thrown on stage, McMahon grabs one of the tees, unzips his trousers and shoves said tee down them before throwing it back into the crowd, much to the amazement of his fellow musicians.

This set is highly atmospheric with a manageable about of strobes mixed with a predominantly orange and red lighting arrangement from the sides and blue from behind. This is a powerful performance. This is Thy

Art Is Murder at their finest.


"In Dec/Jan the five of us put our little dicks together and made sweet love to each other. That created a baby called ‘Dear Desolation’ and we made it for you. You guys bought that up, made us a bigger band, made us play in bigger venues and made us play in front of bigger, crazier and sexier crowds. Thank you."

TAIM certainly have their own unique sound and stage presence, which helps them stand out like a sore thumb, a sore thumb that has no problem being pushed into your eyeball to make you sit up and pay attention. I can see these guys only continuing their foothold in the industry and the success that comes with that.

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