REVIEW! Primitive Man - Caustic

October 9, 2017

Primitive Man formed in 2012, having so far released only a single full-length album, 2013's highly rated “Scorn”, a vicious piece of abrasive sludge-doom metal that set the manifesto for what Primitive Man were all about. After releasing various singles and split E.Ps over the last few years, Primitive Man finally follow this up with their latest effort, “Caustic”.


Primitive Man may only be a three-piece outfit, but make one hell of a lot of noise. Dissonant guitars, ear-piercing feedback, crashing drums, guttural growls – these are Primitive Man's modus operandi when it comes to making music. They don't hold back and they certainly don't write catchy hooks and sing-along choruses - Primitive Man's “songs” are dark, depressive and destructive.

Clearly not satisfied with the abrasive and crushing “Scorn”, Primitive Man have turned things up another notch, producing an album dripping with so much hatred and bile that you couldn't really come up with a more appropriate name for it than “Caustic”. At times this album is akin to pouring sulphuric acid directly onto your ear drums.

Opener “My Will” wastes no time in getting straight down to business, immediately pummelling our ear drums and our souls with its evil-sounding guitars, crashing drumbeats and demonic vocals, with follow-up track “Victim” kicking you while you're down. The titular track “Caustic” is actually just forty-two seconds of noise, but this may be a an effective statement in itself. There is little to tell the rest of the tracks apart, as all seem to form one single whole, a hellish nightmare of sound, remorseless and relentless. “Caustic” is a gradual descent into madness, a pure and primitive expression of hatred and rage, darkness and despair, pure hostility painted on a canvas of horror.


Caustic really is corrosive to the core. If this album came in liquid form it would eat “right through the hull”. Xenomorph blood has nothing on this record. This album may be 'primitive', but it's not unsophisticated – this is a solid sludge metal effort that impresses with its sheer nastiness. If there was a place where happiness and positivity went to die, then “Caustic” would be it. 





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