REVIEW! Korrupt - Preachers & Creatures

October 7, 2017

The Norwegian punk and hardcore scene is absolutely thriving at the moment, and we here at The Revival are absolutely loving it. The body of work released this year alone from one countries small scene is phenomenal.


Adding to the list of stunning releases so far this year are Korrupt hailing from the port of Kristiansand in Norway's bible belt. Formed by members of Social Suicide and a slew of other bands from the countries underground scene, the band have been making big waves in the scene over the past few months. Teaming up with producer Tommy Akerholdt (Turbonegro / Silver) they have recorded and are about to release one of the standout albums of the year.


Whilst not setting out to record a concept album, the end product delivered is just that. Preachers and Creatures tells the tale of a disillusioned young man, angry and fed up with the over bearing hand of organised region, the band draw on their own experiences from the bible belt region to feed into this young mans story.


The album opens with Serpents, an instant slap to the face for the listener, not easing you into the album but starting out with sheer punk brutality. Thrash inspired riffs and a traditional punk scream draw you into the track where speed and intensity is the key. Hellions provides a slightly different take, softer in sound yet just as fast; hard hitting drums taking the lead and driving this track into the listeners psyche with the last 40 seconds taking an interesting heavy twist.

Revolt carries over that theme, less punk more heavy, thrashy metal. The riffs have a deeper sound with a more prominent bass line. The vocals hark back to the bands punk roots, throaty at times shouty but in keeping with the musical vibe being produced. Martyrs lyrically covers how ashamed the band are of humanity with the chorus focusing on a victims cry of distress. Thought provoking yet retaining the musically intensity we've seen throughout the album so far.


No Past, No Future delivers straight down the middle hard hitting action. A deep throbbing drum intro leads us into heavy riffs before the hardcore element of the album kicks in. A theme continued through title track Preachers and Creatures which has the makings of a cracking live track. I can see the circle pit writhing in flailing arms as a listen on.


In its entirety the concept of this opus works well, even if not intended at the start of the writing process. Delivering the perfect no frills ethos that fits the punk and hardcore scene well, yet producing true food for thought in the subjects covered as our young man goes on his journey through life. Korrupt release the thinking mans hardcore/punk cross-over album, the brutality in the music that gives you a solid kick up the ass whilst letting your mind explore the trials and tribulation of young men brought up amongst organised religion. One of the best albums released this year without a doubt.




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