REVIEW! Satyricon - Deep Calleth Upon Deep

September 26, 2017

For the last few days something from the deep cold depths of Norway has been plaguing everyone’s speakers. Pioneers in their own right, Black Metal Behemoth’s Satyricon have re-submerged from the depths with a menacing piece of black metal artistry that is effortlessly one of the best things this band have put their name too.


For a good while now Satyricon have been a band that have consistently delivered brilliantly crafted black metal glazed in the crunch of traditional metal and done so on their own terms.  2013’s self-titled record showed a more expansive and progressive side to the band by slowing things down and delving into brooding epics.


After many eventful years within the Satyricon camp, including most recently an anniversary celebration of seminal record ‘Nemesis Divina’ the Norwegian heavyweights are back with their new record ‘Deep Calleth Upon Deep’.  


Roaring out the traps it’s without question the rawness and brutality heard on the bands earlier records has made a welcome return, ‘Midnight Serpent’ is as immediate as a punch in the face. Opening with distinctive distorted riffs, the track has all the key ingredients of heavy hitting black metal, relentless, evil and heavier than the gates of hell.  


This record really feels like a natural continuation of 2013’s self-titled effort but with the rawness being ramped up and pumped straight into these tracks. ‘To Your Brethren in the Dark’ really goes down slightly different avenues with dare I say, Prog-esque instrumentation but with Frontman Satry’s vocal delivery being a reminder that this band is an evil force of nature.

The track ‘Dissonant’ has layer after layer of experimentation. The use of the saxophone adds a sinister edge to the onslaught of riff arrangements and pounding drum rhythms. As ‘Dissonant’ tears through you, you’re always blindsided by where the track can go next.


Over the last few years the production on Satyricon records have always had a vintage feel which hark back to the very early years of the black metal boom and ‘Deep Calleth Upon Deep’ is no exception, the only difference being that as vintage as the production may feel every note that’s played on this record is so clear and concise. It’s easy to appreciate the sheer level of musicianship within this band.


The record closes with a harrowing epic ‘Burial Rights’. Grandiose and sounding huge, this is well and truly a masterclass in creating ambience. Satyr’s lyrics really paint a story in this track to which the music behind it creates that a unique brooding sense of evil that only Satyricon can deliver.


For the most part Satyricon fans will immediately fall in love with this record however if black metal is a genre that you’ve never really been able to glue with then I’d say this record demands your attention and is a great gateway into broadening your musical horizons into more darker territories.


Out everywhere now via Napalm Record, be sure to check out Satyricon’s ‘Deep Calleth Upon Deep’ and catch them on tour right now!




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