INTERVIEW! Arch Enemy: Sharlee D'Angelo talks all things 'Will To Power'

September 7, 2017

21 years of churning out heavy hitting death metal and remaining current is no easy task for any band but today we’re not dealing with any ordinary band, you and I know them as Arch Enemy.Mere days stands in the way of the Swedish Metal Titans releasing their eagerly awaited new album and It’s a pleasure to be joined by one of its key strengths. Fresh off the back of a storming set at Bloodstock Festival here in the UK, I’m joined by Sharlee, how did it go for you?


Sharlee: It was really great! We find that whenever we play UK festivals the weather tends to either be one extreme or the other. It was also the last show of our world tour for the War Eternal album which has been ongoing for a few years now. Overall it was a really great for all of us. Being stood in the crowd that weekend, it was easy to see that Arch Enemy we’re one of the many bands that made Bloodstock special this year. So, with the brand-new record about to drop in a near few weeks, I wanted to ask what the atmosphere is like in Arch Enemy right now, is there lots of excitement?


Sharlee: Absolutely, when you’re writing and recording you’re always hoping for the best but we are very very satisfied with the end result. In a few weeks’ time, it’s going to be out there and on the road, you’ll see what people make of it first-hand. When releasing new records specially like you say when you’re on the road, is there

ever any concerns about how the new material will translate live? 


Sharlee: This is it, when we released our first single from the new record, The World Is Yours. Playing this live we noticed a positive reaction straight away. People we’re singing the words back, even looking online it’s been overwhelmingly positive so far. Rightfully so, with the internet being a place that is an immediate way of seeing the worlds reaction, do you ever visit sites like YouTube and read those comments?


Sharlee: At first when we release a video, it’s always great to see a response from people, personally I want that interaction with the fans face to face rather than scrolling through comments made over the internet. What can you tell us about the new record?


Sharlee: It is fantastic, you won’t believe your ears! it’s a little different this time round but It’s very much classic Arch Enemy. We have our first ever Ballad on this record, but it’s difficult putting into words the overall sound of the record. The first thing that hit me about the new record is that it immediately feels like a big step up from 2014’s War Eternal. The first track The Race is relentless! During the build, up to making the new record was there much of a difference in the writing process?


Sharlee: It was very gradual, we’ve spent the best part of 3 years on the road and we’ve been writing all this time. I guess we felt a lot more secure this time round. Our last record War Eternal was a real turbulent time for us. We just lost a singer and gained one.  And with Alissa now being in the band for a good couple of years now, does it feel like a solid unit or was this immediate as soon as you guys started playing together?


Sharlee: It felt very good, the first time we played together she flew out to Sweden and immediately we knew it’s her, she’s the one. Her being in the band for 3 years now we know more about her and what she is capable of as a vocalist, which really shows on the new record.  One thing that’s always so undeniable about your records is that the musicianship is always off the scale and the new record is no exception. A track like Murder Scene from the new album, everyone in the band can be heard doing something insane, is there ever any pressure when it comes to the recording? 


Sharlee: It normally just comes naturally, we don’t really think to ourselves that we will go in and try to impress people with our musical prowess, it’s not really like that. We have two great guitar players in the band who push each other to the limits which is always fun for us. Overall there’s so much going on all the time. Is there a track from Will to Power you would say sums up Arch Enemy are in 2017?


Sharlee: It’s difficult, there’s so many different types of songs on this record to pin point one overall, on one hand a track like The World Is Yours is a very good stand point on where Arch Enemy are right now but it doesn’t really represent the whole albums because there are so many different things on there. And finally, for someone who’s not had the pleasure of delving into Arch Enemy, what would you say Will to Power is a good starting point?


Sharlee: I would say so! There’s so much going on in this new record that there’s enough to cover everyone’s tastes, that being said our last record War Eternal would be a great place to delve and work your way back through the musical hell that is Arch Enemy ha-ha!


There you have it folks!


Be sure to catch Arch Enemy setting fire to the UK in February next year! 


Will to Power out September the 8th on Century Media Records.











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