REVIEW! SepticFlesh - Codex Omega

September 6, 2017

Greek Mythology dictates that there used to be 12 Greek gods, little did the Ancient Greeks know that centuries later four individuals from Athens were about to take the term Mythology and make it very real and very fucking heavy. Being able to grab someone by the imagination is one thing but to paint the grandiose pictures that SepticFlesh have been carving into everyone’s sense for the last 17 years is something else altogether.


2014’s Titan record was a masterclass in blending the savage uncompromising force of death metal with huge orchestral landscapes however it never felt like the record received the praise it demanded.  Unjustly remaining under the Radar for years now within the pastures of extreme metal, SepticFlesh are back with a record that is ready to swallow you up and shit you out.


‘Codex Omega’, immediately not shying away from the cinematic feel of 2014s Titan. Once you hit go, the first track ‘Dante’s Inferno’ opens with a majestic piece of orchestrated orchestra before the sledgehammer attack of singer Spiros Antoniou’s deep growls comes crashing around you backed up by crushing guitars and inescapable drumming savagery. 


‘Third Testament’ really shows that aside from the cinematic orchestra, this is a band that could make earthquakes with the sheer heaviness of their delivery. The riffs build and build but the base is soon to crush them back down to size. Layer after layer there’s so much going on throughout this record, a track like ‘Martyr’ really expands the parameters of what you can do and where you can go with music. Oriental like strings draw you in before that inescapable guitar tone comes roaring at you through the speakers. The track has a real self-empowering vibe which needs to be heard.


‘Enemy’ is where we start to go weak at the knees with the relentless crescendos of big, epic, cinematic musical prowess. This has to be one of the biggest songs this band has carved its name too. After the blistering heaviness of ‘Enemy’ you’re greeted by the soothing sounds of the track ‘Dark Art’.  A piano majestically being played gives you the sense that it’s safe to take a breather. Wrong!  Sinister, brooding and filled with distain this will easily be one of the most evil songs you’ve heard in a good old while.


‘Gospel’ is taking no prisoners, the heaviest track on the record leaving you gasping for more. The pace does not let up and leads you straight into the closing track ‘Trinity’. Incorporating all the elements of this record into a 4-minute track is no easy task but Trinity is that! You will know if this record is for you just by this track alone.


Codex Omega again cementing this band as being an unstoppable force,  I implore anyone who is remotely a fan of intricate heavy music to not only check out this album but this band full stop.


SepticFlesh-Codex Omega NOW on Season of Mist.









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