REVIEW! The Grey - The Grey EP

August 31, 2017

As festival season comes to an end, it brings forth a great time of year where we start to see an influx of new music from bands old and new. Tours are announced and things really start to pick up. So what better way to soak up the sadness that our beloved summer of green fields and open air music is coming to an end than to get stuck into some new records.


A few weeks ago, we had a killer EP land on our desks right here at The Revival HQ from a band known as The Grey, a three-piece instrumental post metal band from the heart of Cambridge, UK. They describe themselves as a band with ‘big riffs’ with underlying grooves that set themselves apart from their peers.


Interestingly, this EP is indeed filled with big riffs across its 8 tracks. Don’t be fooled, whilst we typically don’t see 8 track EPs, this self-titled release is filled with short nuggets of meaty gold and it all begins with the opener ‘Iris’ which sets the pace and starts things as they mean to go on. Those riffs that they claim to have are indeed there and so is the groove with some Mastodon-esque sounding guitar work that opens things up nicely.

It can be risky diving into the big bad world of post metal which is a genre that doesn’t have a shortage of bands by any means. It takes a lot to break through the cracks and set yourself apart from the rest. The one thing ‘The Grey’ do well here is mix their faster groove with their moments of atmospheric sound primarily through guitar work.  ‘THX’ is testament to this and chronicles the bands mashup of sounds well. Those riffs are there that are head noddingly good but ever so present are the moments of calm and atmosphere. Imagine a mix of Bossk, Russian Circles & Red Fang and you’ll be somewhere along the right lines.


‘Rivers’ really starts to showcase the musicianship between the three members. Rest assured this is not fast or technical and it’s not supposed to be, but demonstrated here are the intricacies of how well the drums and bass work together whilst the guitars add its own special flavour to the mix, its more of this kind of work that will have listeners coming back for more.


Overall, The Grey have come to the table with a debut release which is very strong with just the right balance of ambience and sheer ferociousness. Those moments that are heavy are just that. Those with a thirst for great riffs will be more than catered for and if groove is your thing you check that box too.  It’s not often bands come to the table with such well-produced and expertly crafted music. It will be interesting to see where the band take it from here and its safe to say we will be keeping a close eye as things progress.


Check out ‘The Grey’ self-titled EP available now through the following links:


God we love new music.




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