REVIEW! Rebellion Festival 2017, Blackpool Winter Gardens - Part 2

August 24, 2017

So onto Saturday at Rebellion 2017, a day packed with some punk heavyweights. First up is a Rebellion success story, last year they played the 'Introducing' stage and this year they had rightfully been bumped up to play the main stage. Hands Off Gretel are a indie pop punk outfit reminicsent of The Distillers, and their great sound and stage prescence makes the decision to move them to the main stage totally justified. Despite the early hour they played to a large crowd who enjoyed every minute of the set.

Making their first appearance at Rebellion were Las Vegas three piece Tiger Sex and it would be no surprise to see them moved to a much bigger stage in future festivals. Their high energy songs were great and singer Kelly never stops moving round the stage. There was a good crowd to see their set and plenty of press too, hopefully as much for the music as Kellys skimpy outfit!

Resistance 77 entertained the Arena Stage with their own mix of street punk and oi. Really high tempo and

easy to move to and singalong to. And frontman Oddy is a must watch performer, never standing still and spending much of the set in mid air!

A special Rebellion Festival mention must be made at this point to Stuart Meadows who managed to play drums for three different bands on three separate stages during Saturday afternoon. He never missed a beat for 999, The Lurkers or Resistance 77. Top work fella!

in the 21st Rebellion Festival 999 kept up their record of being the only band to have played every single year. And thats the reason for their success, endless touring around the globe for 40 years has given this outfit an ease in front of a crowd that allows them to entertain. And today was no exception, this is a band on top of their game and, as ever, the large crowd loved it.

The Neville Staple Band slowed the pace down a little and delighted the outdoor stage crowd with their 2-tone and ska filled set. A wonderful way to spend a summers evening. The Ruts DC performed a flawless set as ever. Songs from their recent hit album "Music Must Destroy" fitting in nicely with the old hits, and songs with a reggae influence mixing with old school punk rock. A set to enjoy and definitely sing along to.
The Anti Nowhere League are a great festival band. The whole crowd know every word to every song and happily join in throughout, and the band play flawlessly for them. Animal growls and prowls the stage but this must be as fun for him as everyone else these days!

The Angelic Upstarts were joined on stage by Alice from "In Evil Hour" for their whole set. Another band able to perform hit after hit for a crowd that loved every minute. Singer Mensi managing to smile at his crowd occasionally while almost exploding with rage at the social injustices he sings about at other times.
Charlie Harper of the UK Subs never fails to amaze. A mere 73 years young and he leads the crowd through an amazing set of hits with the verve and energy of a man half his age. The main stage arena was packed to see this show and the UK Subs didn't disappoint.


The highlight of the Saturday and for this reporter the whole of Rebellion Festival 2017 was Steve Ignorant and Paranoid Visions performing a set of songs spanning Steve Ignorants career. Songs from Crass, Conflict and Flux Of Pink Indians were included in the set which was delivered with power and enjoyment from Steve and the band and was lapped up by the crowd. The set flew by and left us all wanting more.

After three days of kind weather for the outdoor stage the rain finally came to screw things up on Sunday morning and sadly it rained for P.A.I.N.'s set which was a real shame as not enough people were able to see the great show they put on despite the weather. Vocalist Eve lead the band through a great set. Billyclub did exactly what Billyclub does best, they smashed through a set of belting good tunes at a relentless pace, enjoying themselves on stage and ensuring the whole crowd enjoyed themselves too.

The musical diversity of Rebellion showed through when Canadian psychobilly outfit The Creepshow took to the mainstage. They captivated a full house with their high tempo set, a double bass looking as at home on the stage as a mohican. "See you in Hell" they sing, see you back in Blackpool soon we hope!

Bristol based hardcore street punks Criminal Mind are one of the hardest working bands on the circuit and its gratifying to see a large crowd turning up to watch them despite some major clashes on the schedule. They played their high tempo beer fueled set to a very happy crowd and not even a total failure of the stage lighting managed to slow them down. In fact it was a great moment as photographers and security used their flashes and torches to keep the light shining on the band in a scene reminiscent of "Breaking Glass".


LA punk rock trio Turbulent Heart played a fantastic set with a good sized crowd mesmerised by singer and guitarist Suzi's endless energy. My final band of the festival was the Lene Lovich Band. The Opera House stage was made for her and her unique and quirky vocal style and it was great to hear songs I've known for a lifetime played live for the first time.


So, thank you Rebellion Festival, you were awesome! A great venue full of amazing people and amazing bands. I can't wait for next year. Until then, check out the below exclusive gallery!




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