REVIEW! Sannhet - So Numb

August 22, 2017

Sannhet are a relatively young band in terms of existence, having formed in 2010 and now releasing their third full length. Hailing from New York, the trio have made a lot of noise amidst the gathering of post-everything bands that are around nowadays. Their focus began heavily influenced by black metal’s raw, fast paced riffage, but with an abdunance of emotional atmosphere. Now, with So Numb, they venture into a more artistic, post metal sound. It's still beautiful; in fact, even more so.


For an instrumental album with most of it’s songs clocking in between 4 and 5 minutes, this album is very deep in it's concept. So Numb’s artistic, photographic front cover depicts a mother shielding her son’s eyes, seemingly to protect him from life’s horrors. Although, the son pushes back, appearing to want to deal with that which life has in store for him. Understanding this is a helping hand in defining what emotional heft the album will have in store.  


Gone are Sannhet’s abrasive guitar distortion and blast beats. Welcomed are the more subtle rumbling bass, and echoing guitar leads that glide sparingly over the top. It’s a lighter sound overall that daringly takes on the heavy subject matter. Indigo Illusion opens the album with clear drums driving the rhythm along with a subtley rumbling bass. It has a beautifully clean and full sound, and the echoing high pitches of guitars sound like swirling glass that glides perfectly in the foreground.

There is no stereotypical build ups, just straight hitting, gorgeous melodies that playout gripping scenarios in your mind. Each song feels like an epic journey through turmoil, especially so on tracks like Fernbeds and Salts which have a slow build up of such a melancholic and airy atmosphere to them. Tiny uses of electronics and samples are added for a full effect of being in an enormous space. The album ultimately sounds like the overcoming of these moments though. The rising scales of Sapphire and the title track are played at a quicker pace, sketching out a feeling that's incredibly uplifting.


High noted crescendos and the vibration of every bass strum  will wrench your heart thoughout and make your hairs stand on end. It certainly feels like a meditation of sorts and really closes out with a numbing feeling; a feeling that going through such an emotional state and emotional album is an incredible part of the human experience. Sannhet have made a glorious stand out album that really says everything with the art of music alone.




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