REVIEW! Harbinger – Human Dust

July 26, 2017


London based Harbinger have had a pretty good year so far with getting themselves signed to Basick Records and the release of their EP ‘Human Dust’. Being one of those recent bands that are attempted to crack into the elite breed of bands in technical metal. Bands have come and gone in number, but that isn’t to say some have made it. Decapitated made a huge impact when they began and have forever remained one of the ultimate forces in the style, their recent release ‘Anticult’ is proof enough that even with the worst of situations happen to a band, changes will happen, but some just cannot be stopped.


What ‘Human Dust’ brings to the ears is a seven track EP that is chocked full of complicated, aggressive and technical passages that come swift and fast one after another, but that barrage isn’t constant. As the EP plays through, you are treated to gentle melodies and impressive harmonies, rounding off a spectacular sound overall.


Opening with ‘The End of Time’, you are greeting with a groove induced beast, a great show boat to the five talents that create Harbinger, the change of pace throughout the first song often with regular returns to that groove drive, ‘Humanity’s Limit’ follows on and introduces more elements with some clean singing added to what is already an impressive sounding voice, open and expansive, the track takes a journey that seems to make you lose yourself in the 4 minutes it plays, and an emotive solo really drives the track home.

Taking a darker, heavier turn is ‘Psychosomatic’ with yet more impressive lead work with through the guitar solo’s. ‘The Darkness of June’ shows off both how tight the band can play at as well as the control to not over do anything. ‘I. Human Dust’ continues the EP with a solid track that brings some gentle outro straight into the follow up track ‘II. Captive/Hated’, steady paced and musically inspiring. The perfect ended to a fantastic EP. There is little that I can think to shun throughout, the mix is superb, the musical maturity of the band is ever present, the only thing I can think that could be a negative is purely down to the personal preference of not being too big a fan of breakdowns, and even then ‘Human Dust’ isn’t rammed full of them.


Harbinger are well worth checking out, with an EP sounding so mature and strong, I look forward to hearing what they attempt next.




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